Best Online Casinos for Tablets – Top Gambling App for Tablet

Tablet devices are one of the most widely used forms of technology for playing casino games. Over the years as the tablet industry has grown it has carved out a niche for users looking to use large and powerful computer screens that are also easy to use while on the go. Tablet makers ranging from Apple, Samsung and Asus have responded to these trends with popular tablets such as iPad and Galaxy products that bridge the gap between smartphones and notebook computers. Such devices have helped tablet technology stay afloat as well as provide alternative gaming experiences.

Despite a downturn in tablet sales during recent years as large-size smartphone makers come out with 5-inch and above size phones, the tablet market has continued to survive by also offering niche users very specific functionality and experience, particularly when it comes to gaming. Increased performance for playing card games such as blackjack in particular have helped drive a lot of the new tablet demand, and users are utilizing the sites more than ever online at casino sites.

If you happen to be wondering what the best online casino site for tablets is in addition to where you can play popular card games such as blackjack then look no further. In this article we take you through the ins and outs of using tablets for gambling online and what you should keep in mind before signing up at a casino.

Signing Up at a Casino Site with a Tablet

You are not at a disadvantage using a tablet to sign up an online casino site. In fact, it is quite the contrary. Following the recommended casino suggestions above will take you to the casino’s home page where you sign up by inputting your personal information such as name and email for verification. You also need to choose what type of banking method and the amount you would like to deposit for playing, which later can be updated should you want to add money or switch a deposit method.

The site offers all of this functionality with iOS and Android tablets regardless of size. Upon setting up your account you are able to choose any game such as blackjack, slots or roulette. All mainstream casino games are compatible in software form and there are also tablet live casino options for blackjack and roulette.

The Tablet Casino Experience

A regular casino game at a land-based casino looks exactly the same online but in a software format unless you choose a live dealer option. A slots machine setup such as reels and betting options are laid across the tablet screen that operate by simply pressing the function with your finger or a stylus. Each slot game has its own music and mimics a machine you would find at any casino in Canada.

A game like live blackjack on the other hand is where it gets interesting. Tablets arguably have the best mobile gambling experience compared to smart phones and smart watches due to their larger screens. A game such as blackjack is easily readable and the live dealer screen appears large enough for you to believe it is an in-person casino experience. Hitting or staying in the live function is done by pressing the function on the screen while watching what the dealer displays in a live setting.

If you prefer software you have the same options as you would in a live online setting such as hitting or staying. Regardless of which game you choose it will appear in normal casino format but with specified graphics, functionality and sound to reflect the live casino experience.

Tablet Casino Banking

As we mentioned before any regular type of payment method can be used. The casino sites have SSL certificates and are highly protected so you do not need to vex over credit information getting stolen. Many Apple users like to use their credit or debit cards linked to their iOS device wallets since the information is already stored. Other payment options include e-wallets and alternative banking options such as Neteller that can both deposit and withdraw for real money.

Safety for Using Tablets at Casino Sites

There really isn’t much to fret about over using a tablet to sign up at an online casino. We suggest making sure to use a stable WiFi connection in order to avoid a real money game from dropping out as well as unlinking from your smart phone such as an iOS device to avoid phone calls. Tablets are otherwise very stable and secure devices for protecting your personal data and banking information online.

Navigating the Best Sites

The casinos we promote all offer free and real money play for all devices including tablets. In fact, most casino sites nowadays admit most of their traffic comes from tablets and smart phones so it is crucial for having iOS and Android friendly options that function both on the site or an app. For us sites like Royal Vegas achieve the best balance between gaming, payouts and tablet functionality while giving players the option to play directly from their site platform or from a downloaded app. The site also offers up to $1200 in bonuses and has a great live option for tablets as well.

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