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Mobile is the wave of the future. Google has stated that more than half of its search engine traffic is coming from mobile applications such as smartphones and tablets, and many industry experts believe this trend is expected to continue growing. People are connected to their mobile applications day and night it seems for conducting everyday functions such as finding directions, sending emails and accessing information. Consumers also use their phones more than ever to purchase goods online and are also using apps to read reviews as well as perform other tasks otherwise previously limited to in person or with a computer.

The gaming industry is also seeing a major uptick in app downloads and mobile usage. Most sites offer their own compatible apps for playing games such as racing while others have mobile friendly web sites meant to deliver the same experience via a web browser. But when it comes to accessing casino sites is there a difference in functionality or experience? In this article we take a look at what mobile casino sites and apps you should consider for playing popular games such as blackjack as well as discuss other mobile functions you can incorporate into your gambling experience.

Playing a casino on mobile

Regardless if you have an app or access a casino via a web browser the experience is more or less the same. We prefer that a casino site has its own dedicated app in order to prevent a web browser from potentially crashing but this is just a preference, we prefer more customized experiences. Apps are subject to crashing as well, however, and at times are more prone to viruses. Some apps also lack compatibility with certain mobile software updates that can cause games to freeze or crash midway through, which is the last thing you want when playing something like a live game. There are pluses and minuses to both and we think overall what is more important is the casino’s experience on mobile regardless if it is on an app or browser.

The casinos we choose above are all compatible with mobile devices including:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android tablets and smartphones
  • Windows phones
  • Blackberry phones

When you land on a casino’s mobile page it will automatically configure to the phone you are on regardless of size or operating system. First and foremost you will have to sign up by clicking on the “Get Started” button, which will either direct you to a web browser landing page or open in an app. You then follow the instructions for registering your name, making a deposit and then choosing a game like you would on a PC. The process is very simple and fast.

Most likely this process will occur in a web browser. We should note that although real money online gambling is legal in Canada, platforms like iTunes have strict internal policies about providing casino apps for such services. The same goes for payment options like PayPal, which is why it usually is not accepted at online casinos anymore. Again, partaking in such a casino is fine but each company’s policy is different in terms of how their services are used.

The Mobile Experience

Mobile is great for gambling. Players can take a mobile device with them on the go and play wherever there is an Internet connection. Nowadays with so many providers offering unlimited data plans you don’t have to worry about running through data fast and will also avoid lag time due to 4G. Smartphone screens are big enough to enjoy playing any casino game including blackjack both in software and live dealer forms, yet fit comfortably into one’s pocket or bag. The times of slow internet and indiscernible text on small screens are long gone.

When playing a game like blackjack the commands and functions are the same as found on a PC but operate with your fingers instead of a mouse click. Hitting or staying for example is performed by tapping on the screen function and ending a game at any time is done this way as well. Mobile actually feels better and operates more smoothly in our opinion since it is at your fingertips.

Mobile Gambling Accessories

We like to make use of voice commands when using mobile. In the case of iPhone, you simply hold down the Home Button at any time and can ask Siri what it recommends in a given situation such as whether hitting or staying on a given blackjack number is good. You may be surprised to find this function works really well and to your benefit while playing.

Should you want to go live with the dealer you can see their screen just fine with a smartphone or tablet. You can also turn on your front camera for the dealer to see you but most players don’t do this in order to save face over their facial expressions while gambling from the comfort of their home.

FAQs About Mobile Casinos

  1. Will my phone crash during a mobile gambling session?
  2. Most likely not. We recommend keeping your software updated and restarting your phone before entering a casino site to make sure everything runs smoothly.


  1. What happens if someone calls during a game?
  2. Oddly enough this can happen. During regular software play in any blackjack or slots game the game should automatically pause. When it comes to live dealer play we recommend turning off your cellular line and just playing with an Internet connection in order to avoid interruptions.


  1. Are there any advantages to using a mobile device?
  2. Aside from all the reasons mentioned above we really think the key differences compared to a PC are mobility and versatility.

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