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Live dealer casinos are becoming more and more popular. A couple years ago this was a gimmick that no one really knew anything about and few people knew what to do with. These days it is very common and can be found on all of the top online casinos, as well as a few smaller ones.

Live dealer games (including Blackjack) can typically be played on mobile and on desktops; they work through downloadable casinos and through instant-play one; and they work through Windows, Mac and most mobile operating systems.

But are live dealer games any good, and what online casinos offer the best live dealer games of Blackjack? 

Virtual Blackjack vs Live Dealer Blackjack

These two versions of this great game are very similar, but there are a few key differences. Some of these are good, some are bad, but combined they are both great to play and they both offer a wealth of excitement to players.

One has more queues and is a little slower; one is less immersive and makes you feel a little more distant. There are ways that both are better and while we believe that they are equal on the whole, you might think differently:

Why Virtual Blackjack is Better 

  • Speed: The main benefit of virtual Blackjack games is that they move at a greater pace. There are no queues and there is no need to wait for the players around you to make their move first. It’s all quick, it’s all smooth, and if you are a grinder then that’s the way you will want it to be.
  • Choice: There is only one software developer out there for live dealer games, but there are many software developers for virtual Blackjack. In fact, while live dealer Blackjack is limited to just 1 or 2 games, there are dozens of virtual Blackjack variants.
  • Competition: Variety leads to competition. The developers know that if they don’t create games that beat what their competitors have to offer, then the players will leave. When you have a monopoly on games then it’s a different story. That’s why bugs and other issues are always fixed quicker with virtual Blackjack games and it’s why they tend to offer a little more on the whole.

Why Live Dealer Blackjack is Better 

  • Immersive: If you want the feeling of playing in a live casino, surrounded by real players and dealers, then you just won’t get close with virtual Blackjack, but live dealer Blackjack will get you very close. It’s not quite there, but it’s as close as you will get in the comfort of your own home.
  • Limits: There tend to be higher limits on live dealer Blackjack games. They want the high rollers to play and they know that if someone is betting big then the other players on the table will be tempted to do so as well. There is also the fact that they need to pay the dealers and they need to pay for the setup, so they increase the stakes to cover that.

Getting More from Live Dealer Blackjack

Before you sit down to play in this semi-virtual environment, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration. These can help you to better adapt to the live dealer setup, but they can also help you to earn a little more money and to win on a more consistent basis:

  • Etiquette: It should go without saying, but you should avoid trying to chat-up the dealers and you should avoid insulting the other players. Keep it friendly. Also, there is no need to tip the dealer like you are expected to do in land-based casinos.
  • Check Bonuses: While most live dealer games are the same, the bonuses are not. So, make sure that the bonus applies to the game you’re playing. Check to ensure that you can use a welcome bonus playing live dealer Blackjack and that the games you are playing will help you to unlock your play-through rate.
  • Keep Your Cool: The slower pace of live dealer Blackjack can increase the frustration and cause you to do things you shouldn’ You might increase your stake out of frustration; you might hit when you know you should be patient. So, keep your cool. You should also avoiding trying to bet big just to impress other players or the dealer. This is reckless and stupid.

The Best Live Dealer Blackjack Casino

As we mentioned above, there is really only one live dealer Blackjack game out there and that is the one that you can find on the Evolution Gaming software. There are dozens of online gambling software developers and when you add in proprietary software created by the casinos themselves, you have a list that is never ending. But when it comes to live dealer software that list is decidedly shorter.

Right now there are only a few that offer this feature and only one that casinos signup for. So, finding the best live dealer casino is less about focusing on the live dealer games that they offer and more about focusing on everything else that the casino has going for it.

Look at the bonuses, the loyalty schemes, the banking options and the customer support and stop focusing on the live dealer software. As long as they have it then you’re okay, because if they do have it then it means they are the same as every other casino out there that also has it.

To find the best casino of the moment that offers live dealer games, just look at the lists found throughout this site, as well as the homepage and the graphic at the top of this page. Every day we update this with the best casinos, focusing on the ones that tick all boxes, offering everything from great games of Blackjack, to live dealer software, big bonuses and more.

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