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There are a number of high stakes casinos available to Canadian players and many of them—if not all of them—offer games of blackjack. This is perfect for high stakes and most high rollers have an in-depth understanding of blackjack because of this.

But what is the difference between high stakes and low stakes versions of this game? What should you look out for as a player and where can you find the very best casinos that offer this game at the highest limits? 

Tips for High Stakes Casinos

Many high rollers understand the clout that they have when they are in the biggest land-based casinos. They know that they will be given free food, free drinks, free tickets to events and even free rooms. They also know that many casinos will comp them for free games, give them access to their own personal concierge and their own private room, and much more.

The reason high rollers often ignore online casinos in favor of offline casinos is because they don’t think that they can get those perks online, but they are wrong. They are just not looking in the right place.

It is the same principle. The biggest casinos want the best business. They know that a single high roller can be as valuable to them as a thousand casual players, so they will go out of their way to bring that high roller onboard. One of the ways they do this on the surface is to offer loyalty bonuses and high roller welcome bonuses. These reward you for betting big and spending a lot of money.

But you can also get in touch with the casino directly, let them know that you are a high roller and then see what they can offer you. Tell them how much you plan to deposit and how much you are going to play for per hand; let them know that you have been offered something elsewhere; and see what they offer. At the very least you should be given access to VIP managers and exclusive bonuses. At best you will get big loyalty programs, and all kinds of VIP extras.

Never dismiss online casinos in favor of offline casinos, because with a little effort they can be just as good and just as rewarding.

Tips for High Stakes Blackjack

High Stakes Blackjack is not too different from small stakes versions of this game. The rules are the same and in many cases the odds are the same. However, there are a few differences and there are also things that you should always do, regards of how much you are risking per hand or how skilled you are at the game:

  • Keep Emotions out of it: It’s very easy to get frustrated, angry and emotional when gambling. If you go on a losing streak and everything seems to be going against you, then the anger sets in. Once you begin to realize how much you have lost in that time, how hard you worked for that money or how long it will take to win it back, then the desperation takes over. At this point it’s easy to make stupid decisions and to take big risks, but this is a bad idea. Many professionals actually recommend that you lower your stakes when you’re losing heavily. This helps you to get back on track and it calms you down.
  • Play the Odds: Some games of blackjack will offer you a house edge as high as 5%. If it was a slot machine then that amount would be acceptable. But it’s not. It’s a game of skill, not chance, and 5% is outrageous for Blackjack. Instead, look for a game that is less than 1% and never accept anything more. With so many low house edge games out there for you, why would you dream of settling for less?

Find The Best High Stakes Blackjack Casino

Now you know what to look out for and how to play, you’re ready to jump in. But where are the best Blackjack casinos, and which casinos cater for high stake players the most?

Well, you should always look for casinos that are based in Europe. These are still available to players in Canada, but they tend to offer a bit more in terms of limits, bonuses and even the type of games that they offer. Once you have the region chosen then there are still a few hundred top casinos to choose from, so take a look at the other indicators:

  • Bad Software: You should always avoid Realtime Gaming software, also known as RTG, because it lets the casino tweak the house edges and the payouts, and there is just no telling how far they have been tweaked. You don’t know where you stand, so while they are not all cons, they should still be avoided.
  • Best Software: While RTG is mostly bad, Microgaming and Playtech are definitely good. Not only do they offer a wide variety of games, but they can be trusted, they are used by the best casinos and they both have a blackjack variant that offers a house edge of less than 1%. For Playtech this is Switch Blackjack, for Microgaming it’s Double Exposure Blackjack.
  • Banking: The best casinos will offer you a wealth of banking options to choose from, including web wallets, bank transfers and more. They will always process withdrawals within 24 hours (in the case of debit cards, credit cards and bank transfers they may still take a further 3-5 days to process) and they will never charge fees.

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