Credit Card Casinos in Canada – Fast Casino Deposits 2018

Credit cards are used pretty much everywhere these days. They have at large placed cash in the West and become the most widely used currency transaction method to make payments. Most money circulating in the market these days in fact exists primarily in digital format without ever turning into paper as a result of digital credit being used either from plastic card transactions or direct digital transfers from one bank account to another. Trends in the market show that credit cards are here to stay for quite some time and that the major thing changing about them is their integration with devices such as mobile applications. In this article we look at how credit cards are used at online casino sites and whether this payment method is suitable for your gambling needs.

Credit Card Safety at Casino Sites

Using a credit card at a casino site is actually one of the safest and most convenient ways to make a transaction at an online casino. There are many payment options out there including e-Checks, Entropay and in some cases PayPal, but no other works faster than a credit card.

To begin, we need to dispel the myth that using a credit card at an online casino is not safe or secure. All the casino sites promoted here are legit platforms that have been approved by international casino regulations for allowing credit card transactions from major providers such as Visa and MasterCard. If casino sites were operating illegally, as the case has been with several operators in the past, they would only accept Bitcoin or PayPal in attempt to bypass regulations. However, that is not the case with legit operators offering services to Canadians.

Here in Canada casino operators play by the rules and need to get certification from both accredited financial and government institutions before running and accepting money. This includes getting a background check on the company’s algorithm and software operations, its payment and tax setup, as well as employee info. Casino sites need to submit quarterly performance reports detailing payouts and company revenue as well as keep up to industry standard with online transaction security. Online gambling hubs are in fact overly concerned with fraud and scams so they make it a point to keep cyber security at the forefront of their concern.

Online vs. Land-based Casino Credit Card Transactions

The online casino world acts just like land-based casinos in that you can swipe your credit card in exchange for casino credit. Once the transaction is made you will see it appear in your banking account and can pay it off accordingly. This is basically no different than what you would experience at a Vegas casino other than the fact you are not dealing with a live cashier operator. Some land-based casinos in fact only exchange cash with a high service fee attached to using credit cards or in the form of a cash advance whereas in the online world the charge is a normal transaction appearing on your statement. We think the online world is much easier and more convenient than land-based casinos because of this.

FAQs About Credit Card Casinos

There are two questions typically on players’ minds when considering to use a credit card at an online casino:

  1. Will my credit get affected?
  2. Is my credit information safe or do I run the risk of being hacked due to depositing money at what may be a questionable site?

Both of these are great questions and here we answer them accordingly. As for the first question, the answer is no. Your credit score has nothing to do with whether you transact money at a casino or at the grocery store. What matters is whether you have the ability to pay your credit card bills on time regardless of where the transactions come from. In terms of question 2, the answer is you are safe. In theory every platform runs the risk of getting hacked but this is almost unheard of in the gambling world. You do not need to worry about suddenly getting charged fees or penalties for swiping your card at casino sites, nor do you need to worry about the platforms selling your credit info to the black market. Online transactions at the casino sites promoted here are encrypted using Entrust technology and safe for Canadians.

The best casino sites accepting credit cards

Credit Card Compatibility

  • Visa
  • MasterCard

These are the two major brands accepted with most casino sites. Most banks in Canada issue cards featuring one of these two companies. American Express, Discover and Capital One are among some of the least popular in Canada and therefore are at large not accepted at casino sites.

How to Sign Up at an Online Casino with Credit Cards

When you visit a casino site you have the option to choose a variety of payment options upon signing up. Simply choose the credit card company such as Visa or MasterCard your card is associated with, enter the card’s number, expiration date and CCV, and then choose how much you want to deposit.

The downside to credit card withdraws is they are applied to credit on the card. If you use a credit card often and would like to have another payment paid off or have extra credit on an already paid off card this is a good option, otherwise you can alter your banking information for withdraw directly to your checking or savings.

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