Best Casino Loyalty Programmes – Top Canadian Sites in 2017

Loyalty programs are often overlooked in this day and age. Everyone wants the quick fix and the big money, so they opt for the welcome bonuses, the hundreds of free spins and the no deposit bonuses. These are still great, but what happens when you burn your way through them? What incentive do you have to continue playing on that site?

The sites are hoping that you will either fall in love with the software and stick around to keep on playing, or that you will simply do it out of habit and because you can’t be bothered to look for other bonuses on other sites.

If these sites want more people to stick around then they need to start offering loyalty programs. But for that to happen we need to start valuing them more as a players. Until we do that, they just won’t begin to offer them on a regular basis.

So, to try and win you over we will use this guide to convince you why these bonuses are so worthwhile. We will also point you towards some of the very casino loyalty bonuses out there right now. They are few and far between, but they do exist. You just need to know where to look.

Red to Black

Let’s be honest, we all like to build points in those loyalty programs and on those loyalty cards, even if we know they aren’t really worth anything. It’s part of our nature; it’s the hoarder and the collector in all of us. We all like to think that we’re getting something for nothing.

But loyalty programs like this really do offer that, and they can turn a day of gambling on its head. This is especially true for Blackjack, when the house edge is very low. You can play for hours and be slightly in profit, slightly at a loss or completely even. That’s just the way things are and it’s something that Blackjack professionals have always dealt with.

The loyalty programs help to tip the balance. If you spend hours playing and then discover that you just broke even, then the loyalty points you have accumulated will be your bonus. If you do this time and time again, then that bonus could be enough to earn you money or prizes in the hundreds of dollars.

One of the things that sets the amateur Blackjack players apart from the pros are the perks they get. All pros try to strike a deal with the casinos and for most of them that deal revolves around a rebate. This basically means that they will be given some of their losses back. It gives the player something to fall back on and it is the casino’s way of making sure that player spends his or her money with them.

That rebate is essentially what an online loyalty program is, and if you want to profit like the pro dos then you need to make sure you signup to one of these programs.

VIP Treatment

Everything that we mentioned above applies to all players, whether you are a small stakes player or a high roller. That’s one of the benefits of these programs—they can help everyone.

But if you are a high roller then there are a number of other benefits available. That’s because the higher levels of these programs offer all kinds of impressive extras. Not only can you earn points at a greater rate then players gambling with less money, but you can also get everything from cash back, to VIP tickets to sporting events, gifts for friends and family, and more. Many of the better programs out there will even give you your own concierge. They will be your go-to for everything, whether you need an instant reply from the casino following a technical support issue, or you want to use your loyalty points to buy a birthday present for a family member.

If you have the money, the casinos will treat you like royalty. This often applies to offline casinos more than online casinos, but only because there are typically no schemes through which online casinos can provide such treatment. With loyalty programs though, they have those schemes, so you can get the treatment you want, and maybe even deserve.

You don’t even need to be a high roller to get this; you just need to make it far in the loyalty program. And while it may seem like a long way away, it is possible to make it to the higher levels through hard work and regular play alone.

Hard-to-Find Extras

Loyalty programs, just like other bonuses, will always try to outdo each other. One casino will try to offer more than another, doing all they can to convince the high rollers to join them. One of the ways in which they do this is to offer things that you can’t find anywhere else.

Some loyalty programs have been known to offer VIP tickets to poker tournaments and to blackjack tournaments; tickets to sold-out festivals and events; one-of-a-kind designer gear and accessories; and more. Not only can they offer all of these extras when you have the points to make the conversion, but they can also throw plenty of other big bonus your way.

For many casinos, loyalty programs serve as a platform through which the casino can send a regular supply of bonuses to their loyal players. These can range from additional deposit bonuses to ensure you keep depositing and playing, to free spins to get you to try new games.

The Best Casinos with Loyalty Programs 

So, now that we have convinced you that the bonuses are essential, which sites have them? Well, unfortunately, not many. And of the ones that have offered them in the past, many just stop. They look at what their competitors are doing, they realize that they are not offering them and they think, “Well, if they can get away with it, then maybe we can as well”.

The Fortune Lounge Group was always one of the best for this and they have consistently offered many bonuses. But that’s the difference, because the Fortune Lounge Group is a community, a collective. It’s a community that members of many gambling sites are able to join, and it’s not a service offered by a single site.

There are also other programs out there like this. But many are ignored. Even the people that signup to sites that are part of the Fortune Lounge Group don’t even realize they have been given access to this community. They never sign in, they never take advantage of the bonuses that are on offer, and the industry suffers even more.

If you want more communities like this to exist, and if you want more sites to offer individual loyalty schemes, then you need to express your desire to the casino. It should be clear that these need to exist, so let’s make it clear to the people who count. Start messaging your favorite casino and start asking for loyalty programs. Start using your membership to casino communities when you get them, and start putting loyalty programs ahead of all other bonuses.

Only when that happens will we begin to see a change. And when that change comes, this industry will be better for it and professional gamblers and grinders will be better rewarded for their efforts over the long-term.

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