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One of the best things about online casino gaming is the diversity in deposit and withdraw options over land-based casinos. At a land-based casino you are more or less confined to funding your playing with cash, debit or credit without the option of using funds from other third-party sources like e-wallet providers, PayPal and BitCoin. However, at an online casino the payment options are endless and major e-wallet providers like Neteller are accepted for both withdrawing and depositing money.

In this article we run you through all you need to know about Neteller and the world of e-wallet banking at real money gambling sites in Canada for playing popular games such as blackjack. We also address frequently asked questions about e-wallet gaming in general and whether you should consider using Neteller as your payment method at an online casino.

Signing up with Neteller at an Online Casino

For those who are new to Neteller, this service provides e-wallet transactions from individuals and businesses. It started back in 1999 around the time of PayPal when the need for quicker person-to-person transaction methods was in demand in addition to alternative methods for making international banking transactions. The old method of going directly down to the bank, filling out paperwork and waiting anxiously for several days to see if the transaction went through was soon outdated when the Internet was growing rapidly and consumers were looking for something smarter and quicker.

Neteller was one of several players to emerge to meet these trends but also made its niche also in providing banking services for markets otherwise frowned upon or suspicious from major creditors such as Visa, American Express and many others. Since online transactions were still relatively new around the late 1990s security encryption was at its infant stage, making online payments relatively unsafe no matter what the platform was about.

The solution was therefore to connect consumers via an account service where money was stored yet didn’t connect directly to one’s banking aside from when a deposit or withdraw was commanded. This meant that consumers could rest assure that if something did go wrong and their credit data was leaked at least it was to an account like Neteller that had minimal funding inside.

Neteller also understood that many online gaming platforms were taking off across the globe and those players from everywhere should be able to take advantage of them. The international banking methods accepted at these sites were different and players needed a common transaction method to connect, and thus Neteller started making their payment services easily accessible through simply sending emails.

Today, this service acts not only as a major method for instant and third-party transactions, but also as a safety net for consumers and websites across the globe, including casino sites offering real money games such as blackjack. 

Neteller and the World of Gambling

Neteller is accepted at all the casino sites promoted here. Third-party and alternative banking is important to us and we understand the benefits that come along with using a transaction method not directly connected to one’s personal banking account. Therefore, we only choose sites that have the best balance between gaming, reputation and banking safety, which includes compatible sites accepting Neteller. Canadians have used this service at online casino sites since the year 2000 and there have been no reported instances of fraud or other questionable activity.

Signing Up

When you arrive at the casino site and sign up you will have several deposit options from the pull down menu. Choose Neteller for your deposit option and you will be asked to input your account info. Deposit as much money you feel comfortable with and then click confirm at which point your casino account will be funded immediately.

When it comes to withdrawing money, go to the cash out option and repeat the process of inputting your personal account info. The transaction is a bit slower when it comes to cash outs but should land within your Neteller account within a day.

You can choose a different deposit or withdraw option in conjunction with Neteller when playing at an online casino if you want. Although you may use Neteller or another form of payment to deposit this doesn’t mean the casino limits you to withdrawing with the same method. For example, you can choose to deposit with a credit card and then withdraw using Neteller. The choice is up to you.


  1. Is Neteller the best choice for me to sign up at an online casino?
  2. There is no right answer to this. If you want an e-wallet solution we think this is the best choice. However, using credit and debit cards are also a great way.


  1. Are there any fees using Neteller?
  2. Yes. This service collects fees both for sending and receiving money. The fee amount varies depending on how much money you are transacting.

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