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What are the best high roller Blackjack casinos out there right now? Where should your money go and what makes one casino better than the next? After all, there are thousands of them out there, so why should you choose one over another?

In this guide we’ll point you in the right direction, giving you a few tips on what to look out for. In our experience we find that the biggest high roller casinos can be found in Europe, as opposed to Central America and Asia. In Canada, players can still join those European casinos, so that’s not a huge issue. As far as the best games of Blackjack go, they can often be found on both Playtech and Microgaming software, where you’ll find low house edge games like Double Exposure and Switch, as well as a number of extras, bonuses and more.

But there is more to finding the best game and the best casino, so let’s take a look and offer some enlightenment on this issue. 

High Roller Bonuses

As a high roller you have a lot of power on offline casinos, just as you have a lot of power in online casinos. Many players don’t seem to realize this because they just don’t see high roller bonuses advertised in most online casinos. But they are there, and like all good VIP bonuses, you just have to ask for them.

We have done this ourselves in order to prove a point. We have been in touch directly with online casinos and have told them that we are a high roller looking to invest big. We mentioned that we have received many offers elsewhere but just can’t find something that will reward us over the long-term. More often than not, we got the offers that we seek.

There are exceptions to this, of course. Some of the casinos simply directed us to the bonus that they had on offer and let us know that as a high roller, we could simply get the most out of it. Others ignored us completely. But the majority of casinos offered us extra welcome bonuses, our own VIP account managers, and a slew of other top benefits.

Of course, that is assuming you really are a high roller, and that seems to be a contentious issue. Some sites will not acknowledge you if you want to deposit less than $10,000. We did manage to get high roller bonuses out of just $1,000 once, but that was an exception and it doesn’t seem to be the rule.

Generally, if you want to deposit more than $10,000 then you can get big bonuses and other unique high roller bonuses. But even if you are depositing less, we would still recommend getting in touch if it’s 1,000 or more.

Loyalty Schemes

Whether you can get an additional bonus or not, it is essential that you join an online casino that provides you with access to a loyalty scheme. These are beneficial for all gamblers, but they offer that little bit more for blackjack players and for high rollers. That’s because the margins are always very small in blackjack and it is not uncommon even for the best players to find themselves slightly up or slightly down at the end of the day.

In fact, a blackjack professional would consider it to be a decent day of play if they were level at the end. That’s because they are all a part of a loyalty scheme. This means that after a lot of play they will have accumulated enough points to unlock some extra cash or other prizes. If you are a high roller and you have made it all of the way to the top level of the loyal scheme then you may find that you have enough points to secure a few hundred or even a thousand dollars at the end of a day’s play.

One of the worst mistakes you can make is to focus too much on the loyalty scheme and to put too much effort into building it up. This is what the casino wants you to do and it’s very easy to lose money this way. Instead, simply forget about it and don’t even look at it until the end of a long session, by which time you will have accumulated enough points to earn a little extra cash and to make a day of breaking even or dipping into the red a worthwhile day.

The Best High Roller blackjack Casinos

The list of the best Blackjack casinos for high rollers is always changing as casinos are always adapting. There was a time when Spin Palace would have been top of the list because of their loyalty scheme and bonuses. But they have made many changes. The same goes for the big sportsbook casinos like Bet365 and BetFair, which once offered huge bonuses but do not anymore.

To help you out we have a list of up to date casinos on this website at all times. You can find them on the graphic at the top of this page and you can also find up to date top lists throughout this website. These lists are accurate at the time of reading (whenever that may be) and they are constantly being updated. So, check with them, keep the above tips in mind and find that top High Roller Blackjack casino!

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