Entropay Canada Review – Online Casino Accepting Entropay

One of the most popular methods in Canada for alternative, safe banking is Entropay. Established back in the year 2000, Entropay rose out of the need for electronic payment services at a time when secure online banking was still questionable and data leakage was at a high risk. Credit card and online banking were still in their infant stages during this time and consumer demand for identity protection grew significantly. This trend sprouted numerous third-party solutions to stem in the market, of which Entropay established itself as a main player for offering virtual credit cards absent of personal information such as name and direct linking to a person’s bank account.

What is Entropay?

Entropay is a virtual prepaid Visa card that exists only in digital form. It is used for depositing and withdrawing money to bank accounts in addition to making online payments like you would with any other credit card. The plus side to this service is your personal information and direct banking information are not listed on the card or connected directly. This means when you make transactions at any online platform including casino sites your identity will not be directly exposed nor will your banking account be harmed.

With any online platform you run the risk of being hacked. Even the largest and most reputable brands including US-based Target was hacked back in 2013 and millions of people’s credit information was leaked. Everyone runs this risk when they plug in their credit card number online and may be subject to getting their accounts frozen should fraudulent activity occur. To bypass this concern, Entropay came up with the concept of funding virtual credit cards meant only to perform transaction online and be absent of linking directly to one’s personal account information at the time of purchase.

How to sign up with Entropay

  1. Go to the company’s website and fill out the sign up form.
  2. Link your bank account to the card and fund as much as plan to spend
  3. You will receive a credit card virtually featuring a 16-digit number
  4. Begin spending

Signing up is free and instant. There is a 4.95% fee you pay to transfer money from your checking account to the card, however, but this is miniscule compared to the security you experience in the long term. When you receive money from another source to the card there is a fee of about $2.99-14.99 depending on how large the amount is, which is a bargain compared to the average $20 fee most banks charge for wire fees. Every time you make a transaction with Entropay your budget will reflect accordingly in the company’s system. If you ever have questions you can access their platform 24/7 or contact their customer service team.

Should I go with Entropay or Stick to Credit Cards?

This is really up to your preference. Should you lose your personal credit or debit card at some point and someone decides to steal and swipe it, you face the risk of losing your money instantaneously and having your accounts frozen until an investigation has been concluded. With Entropay you avoid all of this. The downside to this card is that because it is virtual making in-store purchases while on holiday or elsewhere is not possible and therefore you will want to continue using your personal credit or debit card in such instances.

Using Entropay at an Online Casino

The process of signing up at an online casino with Entropay is simple. After signing up at your casino of choice you need to choose a payment method. Click on the Entropay icon, submit your virtual number and begin playing any game of your choice, including blackjack, poker, slots etc. When your playing has concluded and you want to cash out simply choose the Entropay icon again as your payment method. Transfers using this method usually take 1-2 days.

There are many benefits for using Entropay at an online casino. Although online platforms are safe and secure like most other sites, players are nevertheless concerned about linking their credit information due to stigmatism over credit history and legality to online gambling. While these factors are in fact of no real concern to Canadians since online gambling is legal, we understand the hesitancy. Therefore, if you are feeling this way you can rest assured that using this payment method separates your main personal identity with the casino platform, thus mitigating risk you may otherwise feel anxious about.

Other benefits of using Entropay include quicker transactions and lower fees. Using credit and debit cards from your personal bank can often mean delayed transaction times and high wire transfer fees issued from banks. Players are also able to keep their personal funds and gambling funds separate, which is often useful for managing your bankroll.

Online Casino Sites Accepting Entropay

The casino sites here all offer Entropay banking. We only promote the safest and most convenient websites for Internet gambling found online both in terms of payment options and overall playing experience. To get in contact with the casino to ask any relevant questions you have or to sign up you can follow the link above where you are re-directed to the casino’s home page.

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