Is Royal Vegas Rigged?

Every casino player wants the safest experience possible when accessing an online casino. The last thing anyone wants is to be taken advantage of during a game or when withdrawing money from their account. Such concerns come up often in regards to Canada’s most popular online casino Royal Vegas. Players want to know if the casino is rigged and what the signs of fraud are when deciding if they should deposit money at the casino. In this article we break down the legitimacy of the casino and what you need to be aware of when accessing any casino platform online.

Royal Vegas Broken Down

To begin, Royal Vegas is not rigged. This casino was established back in 2001 and has been authorized by international gambling authorities such as the Malta Gaming Authority and eCOGRA to provide casino games for real money on the international platform. These gambling authorities are regulated and conduct audits on casino sites to make sure that fair play and standards of practice including payout percentages and algorithms are upheld. Royal Vegas is at the top of these organizations’ lists and is subjected to yearly audits and oversight.

Royal Vegas offers a 97% payout percentage – the highest of any other casino online. This alone makes the casino a top preference since the chance of a player winning is comparatively higher than most other casinos offering 85-87%. The software used in all of its games has embedded coding to adhere to the 97% percentage and this also applies to live blackjack games.

When it comes to deposits and payouts there is further evidence that Royal Vegas is a legit platform – the payment methods it accepts. In order to process Visa and MasterCard debit card transactions the casino needs to be authorized for doing business and submit its business ID number for verification. In order to receive this business ID there needs to be formal establishment and continuing submission of payment transactions for services rendered otherwise credit card companies will flag the company for fraud.

Royal Vegas is also a public company that pays taxes and has a large staff working on the live casino front, software development, customer support, payroll, auditing and management. There are reportedly over 100 staff members working for Royal Vegas and the company is always accessible by email and phone support.

Signs of a Sketchy Casino

The biggest takeaway that a casino is fraudulent is that it only accepts payment methods such as Bitcoin. Although crypto currency isn’t solely used for under-the-table transactions, using this method as the sole payment method is a sign that the casino is most likely not regulated and operated from the mob. Historically most blacklisted and rigged casinos have been operated by underground organizations established by various mobs that have collected millions in revenue from players while not returning anything.

Such sketchy sites that only accept Bitcoin also have poorly designed websites and hard-to-reach customer support. The experience feels clunky, the games are amateur and the live casino options are usually not available. Essentially the entire platform feels like there was no real professionalism or oversight put into it. If you ever come across a site like this make sure to avoid at all costs.


Overall, Royal Vegas is a prominent casino in the online landscape that is legit. It is not rigged and there is nothing fishy about it. Players can rest assured that when they access this casino they are getting the best service and experience available. Make sure to claim up to a $1200 bonus following the link above and enjoy your time gambling.


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