Royal Vegas on iPad – The Experience Broken Down

The iPad is an accepted device method at Royal Vegas Casino for all players eligible to access the casino, including those from Canada, Australia and the UK. Compatibility for the device includes iPad, iPad Pro and iPad mini running on at least iOS 9 and above. Regardless of which iPad you use all games will be able to format to all screen sizes and operate with the same functionality.

Games look stunning on any iPad device with Retina display technology in particular, which includes most of the iPad models of the past few years and the iPad Pro. There also isn’t any lag provided your iPad was purchased within the last 5 years or at least updated to the newest iOS software, and players can rest assure that the Royal Vegas app or software will not cause your iPad to crash.

There is downloadable software option for the iPad at Royal Vegas’ website, which you can access with the provided link above. Once you arrive on the site go under the “Getting Started” tab, click on “Mobile” and then scroll over to “iPad” and then click the “Click here” tab to download the software to your device. Royal Vegas is like other casinos in that it requires software download to run its games. This is for both functionality and safety concerns in order to ensure players have a secure and fun experience. The download requires roughly 22mb of memory space and you will need to be connected to the Internet to complete the download.

Once the download is complete you are ready to launch via an external web browser and can sign up to play. On your iPad key in your personal information, funding info and other required information to get started. Royal Vegas will match your deposit amounts up to $1200 over four deposits if you are a new player and this will be stored along with your other deposit amounts in your account. You can use the money to play blackjack, slots and other popular casino games.

The iPad has on-screen device push functionality for playing games. For example, if you want to hit in blackjack you press the “hit” button on the screen with your finger or a stylus whereas with a desktop or laptop you would press click. The same would be if you click for a reel spin or other casino game functionality. You can also use your fingers to scroll through various games and can access live games if your processor and ram aren’t out of date.

Overall the experience of iPad at Royal Vegas is a very pleasurable one and is a great device for playing games on the go. If you are an iPad user and are fond of gambling then Royal Vegas will surely be a good option.

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