Is Royal Vegas Instant Play?

Royal Vegas is one of Canada’s most popular casinos but is not one of the most convenient platforms when it comes to access. The reason being is that it is not an instant play casino and in fact requires download. But this shouldn’t deter you from playing Royal Vegas, however, since it has hundreds of great games and high payout of 97%. In this article we look at the reasoning behind downloadable casino software and why instant play is becoming a thing of the past.

Why Royal Vegas Requires Downloaded Software

Casino platforms require their software is downloaded in order to accommodate high-performance experiences and games. Playing on a web-browser interface subject players to viruses, crashes and other interferences, which means gaming experience is sacrificed. In order to avoid interferences and ensure security Royal Vegas requires its software is downloaded. In fact, this has become the new industry standard amongst all major and reputable platforms.

Downloading casino software takes less than one minute and in turn allows you to get a more personalized experience. When you arrive to the Royal Vegas Home Page you can download the casino software immediately and sign up with your personal information within minutes. The process is really simple in fact and the software takes up very little space on your hard drive. There is no need to shut down other programmes and you can have your web browsers running at the same time.

The Future of Instant Play

Instant play has switched in the industry from not having to download software but a slow signup process to downloading software and signing up immediately. What we have seen occur is improved customer service, faster processing times for personal and banking information, and improved compression for downloadable software. This means you literally are playing instantly these days despite the actual download portion compared to the past when the entire process of getting started was a lot slower. This is the casino standard currently and is expected here to stay.

Getting Signed Up

You can download Royal Vegas’ software for free at its website. Follow the link above where you are redirected to the Home Page and eligible for a sign-up bonus of $1200. Enter your personal info, preferred banking options and you are good to go.

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