Royal Vegas on Desktop

If you are looking to find out where to access Royal Vegas’ Desktop version and what the perks are playing it you have come to the right place!

Royal Vegas casino software in fact is downloaded and compatible with all devices, including PC and Mac desktop versions. Nowadays most software developers regardless of application make PC and Mac versions whereas in the past they used to be separate and now even include synchronicity with mobile devices instead of having to rely on apps.

The desktop software is safe and bug free for your desktop computer. Some users are concerned that downloading casino software will subject their personal info to hackers and are concerned malware will run rampant. However, with Royal Vegas this isn’t a concern whatsoever since its software is developed with international gaming developer Fortune Lounge. This company has developed thousands of games and works with all the major online casino platforms offering real money play. Downloading the software is secure and you can expect it to be bug free.

While mobile play is on the rise there are still many players resorting to desktop due to the larger screen and better sound setups. We personally like having a 24- to 27-inch screen and a pair of external speakers at our setup to really bring out the graphics details and sound in order to replicate a real-life casino experience as much as possible. If you have a Full HD or 4K screen you will get the most out of the graphics.

Requirements for Royal Vegas desktop software are 1GB of ram. Unless you have a computer from 15 years ago your processor speed should be plenty. These requirements get you up to speed with fast and interactive games and prevents lag, especially if you have other applications running. If you have a relatively newer computer with faster specs you’ll be in even better luck.

You can find Royal Vegas’ desktop software at the casino’s Home page where it is accessible for download after signing up and submitting your personal information. Follow the link above and you will also be eligible for $1200 in bonus money over 4 deposits, giving you and your desktop plenty of opportunity to spin reels and bet on blackjack.

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