Does Royal Vegas Cheat? Why it’s Hard to Find Complaints

Whether or not Royal Vegas is a cheating is a concern any gambler has before depositing at the online casino. In fact, it’s a question most gamblers ask before depositing money at online platforms. No one wants to get cheated or taken advantage of, especially in the world of online gambling where the stakes are real. In this article we address if you should be concerned about Royal Vegas and what signs you need to be aware of before accessing any online casino site.

The Truth About Royal Vegas

The truth about Royal Vegas is that it is an honest online casino that does not cheat. For the casino to cheat would imply that it is unregulated, has no oversight and overall has no history of players cashing out money. Luckily, for players this is the complete opposite.

Royal Vegas was established in 2001 and has since been part of a publicly traded company under Fortune Lounge Group. An internationally recognized regulations committee named eCOGRA along with the International Gaming Commission oversees all of the Fortune Lounge Group’s casino sites. This includes software development, gaming payouts, live casino standards and overall employee certification and standardization.

A stamp of authority from these organizations means safe and secure playing along with an honest experience that lives up to casino standards. In fact, because Royal Vegas has a 97% payout percentage you could argue the casino goes above expectations.

Signs of Cheating

There are many ways to tell if a casino site is fishy:

  1. There is no customer service. This means the casino site isn’t invested in making sure players are taken care of in any regard. Amy legit casino site has staff members on staff around the clock who are accessible via telephone, email and chat.
  2. There is no live casino. This means there isn’t proper staffing and the casino is limited to software, which is likely to have unfair algorithms.
  3. Payment methods are limited. This usually means there are only crypto currency options available.
  4. The games are clunky. This means they don’t run smooth or look professional.

Luckily for Royal Vegas none of these cheating signs apply. The casino site meets the standards of a legit online casino, including payment options, live dealers, accessible customer service and professionally made games. Make sure to take advantage of what this casino has to offer and rest assure it will be a fair playing experience.

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