Royal Vegas Bonus Codes

Royal Vegas is known for giving out generous bonus codes ranging from free bonus money to free spins. But when does this casino hand them out and what are the best ways to obtain them? In this article we take a look at your options in hope you can get the best out of your casino experience.

To begin, Royal Vegas hands them out periodically to current players. When you sign up at Royal Vegas and have been an active player you will receive updates from the casino via newsletter when it offers bonuses or promotions. It is important to opt in and remain on the casino’s mailing list if you plan on playing more than once in order to receive these emails and make sure to add the casino’s newsletter to your inbox as to avoid it going to spam.

Depending on how much you play and spend also determines what kinds of emails and bonuses you are eligible. Like pretty much every company on the Internet it segments its users based on money spent and advertises accordingly. Therefore if you are an ongoing player and have spent relatively more you will receive more bonus code related emails.

Your playing amount also influences what kind of bonuses you will receive directly into your account as well. As you deposit more money you are eligible for more free money over the first four deposits made up to $1200 and from there you will receive bonus points for every dollar deposited. These points can be used for playing real money games online and accumulate quickly, which is a major positive if you are hoping to increase your chances of winning real money.

Another great way to stay in the loop with affiliated bonuses is to sign up with our newsletter. Although we don’t work with Royal Vegas directly we do reach out to them and ask for special bonus codes, which are only given to selected sites that promote their services in an honest manner. In our case we can get codes with free money well into the hundreds for returning players on a monthly basis so it is important for you to stay in touch with us by signing up at our newsletter section.

There are a lot of scam sites that promote fake codes on their sites in an effort to direct traffic to them and get more advertising revenue. This is considered a type of click bait in the world of online gambling and is annoying for any player. Stick to the sites that are legit and keep communication with them ongoing in order to get the most of bonus codes at Royal Vegas.

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