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The iPhone is one of the most versatile smartphones in the market. Ranging in sizes 4-, 4.7- and 5.5-inch, Apple’s flagship phone holds the second largest market share in terms of smartphone OS usage in Canada. Apple has had over a decade-long presence in the overall smartphone market and Canadians like Apple iPhones due to their functionality, graphics and overall gaming experience, particularly for casino gaming.

When it comes to finding the right casino that can really make use of what the iPhone has to offer, many questions arise. In this article we take a look at what you can expect in terms of playing online casino games with an iPhone and what the most compatible sites are for playing popular games like blackjack. We also cover whether mobile gambling is safe and if there is anything else you should know in terms of using iPhone to play at an online casino.

iPhone Compatibility

In the early days of iPhone, iOS was at large incompatible with most mobile apps being developed. This time period resembled what Mac faced back in its early days of Mac OS X when software developers were yet to catch up and meet demand for compatible software that could function properly. Most websites were still only in desktop format and the industry was still gaging how much influence smartphones would have in society. Little did most software developers know that apps would soon be one of the main avenues of obtaining information and perform functions like modern-day computers.

The casino industry meanwhile was also starting to get its feet off the ground in the online world and was at large focused on desktop gaming followed by notebook applications. It wasn’t until about 2007 or so that casino developers started noticing an increase in web traffic from mobile applications as well as inquiries about mobile compatibility for devices like the iPhone. At this point, the Apple phone was also equipped with enough processing speed and RAM power to display such games and casino developers started pursuing mobile compatibility starting at large with iPhone.

Over the years the iPhone has continued to change in size and so has the compression modes for displaying casino games at online hubs that are high performance based such as roulette. Casino hubs also worked to make live dealer experiences compatible with smartphones and now there is virtually no lag or performance reduction. Most casino sites offer iPhone compatibility now but which ones prove to be the most fitting?

Best iPhone Casinos

The ones we recommend are listed above. These are legal Canadian casino sites that are compatible with all iPhone models and run with high performance. For blackjack players you will find the ones above the most fitting for playing all blackjack variants including live dealer in addition to other casino games such as slots, baccarat and roulette. These casino sites also offer upwards of $1000 CAD in bonuses, have 24/7 customer support and are top-ranked platforms as rated by us and other Canadians.

There are several ways to play a casino on an iPhone device. Some of the casino sites have mobile-friendly versions while others have apps that can be downloaded directly from their home page. Apps are nice because they are always readily available on the phone instead of having to access a web browser page every time but that isn’t to say playing direct from a site has any disadvantages.

iPhone Gambling Features

Using iPhone to play a game like blackjack is simple. There are icons for clicking hit or stand and the cards displayed fit evenly with the phone screen regardless of what iPhone model you are using. We prefer using iPhone to play a casino site’s blackjack software as opposed to its live dealer feature because of the limited viewing capacity, but a live dealer setup also works. Both the software and live versions have equal payout percentages and there is no preferential treatment given to one over the other at casino sites.

iPhone compatible casino apps

You can use your iPhone to play casino games whenever you want provided there is an Internet connection. Initially when you first enter the casino site you will need to submit your personal information and choose a payment method if you want to play for real money. You will then either have the casino app or site readily available to you whenever you access it, be it on the bus, train or even on an airplane. We recommend not gambling while driving.

One of the advantages iPhone has over using other devices such as a desktop is that it can be integrated with voice activation. Should you come across a scenario where you are thinking about what move to make such as a hit or stand on blackjack, you can open Siri and tell it to search for blackjack tips. At times players will ask questions such as “Siri, tell me what blackjack experts say about hitting on 15” and receive a reply right away. This helps players determine their next move, which results in increased real money earnings.

Overall, we love using iPhone at online casino sites. This device is as powerful as computers from only several years ago and is a powerhouse for gambling. We trust you will have a solid experience using this device for no matter what game you play.

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