Debit Card Casinos – Canadian Gambling with Debit Cards 2017

Debit cards are one of the major transaction methods for people in North America next to using credit cards. At large they have replaced checks and are the most convenient way to withdraw money directly from a checking account with an instant swipe. If you have a bank account there is a high probability you have a debit card and use it quite often.

When it comes to using debit cards online people have different habits. Some reserve their online purchases to using credit cards in order to avoid potential data leakage and having their accounts either tampered with or frozen as a result. Others meanwhile prefer to use only debit and leave their credit card open for emergency situations. In this article we take a look at if you should consider using your debit card at online casinos, whether there are benefits, and if there are any other things you should know about casino site banking.

To summarize, the most common uses for debit cards at online casinos include:

  • Instant deposits
  • Real-time banking
  • Easy withdraws

Debit Cards at Online Casinos

Debit in fact is the most commonly used transaction form at online casinos followed by credit cards and e-wallets. All the major casino sites operating legally in Canada, including the ones shown above, accept debit cards as a secure and safe transaction method.

To ensure safety, major operators use Entrust – a company providing online security and data encryption – to prevent identity theft. Online casinos have a lot of risk at stake and are not willing to face potential data leakage in which they will be responsible for reimbursing players for any funds that may get stolen. Just like every other major online platform that takes transactions, casino sites have web developers and security oversight on hand to track any possible fraudulent behaviour in order to avoid such catastrophes.

The importance of mentioning this is to let you know your debit card information is in good hands. Many players fret over this concern and are unclear of what to expect. We would also like to note that casino sites never sell your information to third parties and there has never been a case of hacking into one’s account from an online casino. Entering your debit card at an online casino is safe and secure.

Getting Started with Debit

The way to get started using a debit card at an online casino is to first sign up with your name, email address and other criteria. You will then be directed to a banking page where you can choose what method you would like to use for funding and how much casino credit you would like to add. Choose the debit card icon then input your 16-digit number, expiration date and hit submit. Your account will instantly be credited and your bank account will show a statement as a purchase from the casino. If there is any other time you would to add credit simply go to your account settings and add. You can always change banking methods further down the road.

When it comes to withdrawing money, casino sites are able to wire funding directly to the account you deposited from or to another form of banking such as an e-wallet. The best way to get paid quickly and directly is to get the earnings back into your checking or savings account rather than having to switch banking methods through an e-wallet and then transferring them. Having funds from a casino enter your checking account is not illegal but there may be a transfer fee, albeit quite low.

Benefits of Using a Debit Card

We think the best usage of a debit card at online casinos is not only the security but also the instant transfer. With credit cards you are issued credit that may be only of use when you use your credit card whereas e-wallets take time and collect fees. You may have to wait a day or so for the money to clear into your account but that is the case with pretty much any banking method you choose provided the end place is your bank account. If you want to keep money always stored away in the form of e-checks or an e-wallet you can always use these methods instead or combine your debit card for depositing with an alternative payment form for withdraw.

We also like that debit cards automatically deduct money from our accounts. This way we know what our budget is and what we can handle. At times it is very tempting to keep on adding funding to a credit card with the idea to pay it off later but this can creep up if you are not careful.

Types of Debit Cards Accepted

Pretty much every type of debit card featuring a Visa or MasterCard logo is accepted at online casinos. If you have another carrier you can check the casino’s website and see if they are compatible or ask customer service. Worse case scenario is you will have to connect your debit card with another payment service if compatibility is a problem.

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