TV Casino Canada – Play Casino Games on Smart TVs

Smart TVs are the new hub for controlling pretty much everything entertainment related these days. With integration into TV show apps, music, a photo, web browsers and even Smart Home applications, the future signalizes an ever-growing trend toward Smart TV centralization.

There is also a wide range of accessories now available for Smart TVs such as handheld console controls for video games, smart controllers for swiping, and voice activation. With these developments also brings more entertainment to TV otherwise previously limited to computers, smartphones and tablets such as gambling.

In this article we take a look at how you can play casino games such as blackjack on a TV and go over all the fundamentals that you will experience when playing for free or real money.

Playing a Casino on TV

There aren’t many real money casino apps compatible with smart TVs. To play free games you can download them from your TV app store straight to your TV app dock. A simple search such as “blackjack” or “casino” is all it takes to bring up the most relevant games and they should be compatible with your TV software if coming from the TV’s built-in navigation console. For games downloaded from iTunes these work best with Samsung and LG smart TVs, otherwise you need to get something like Apple TV for integrating with iOS applications and playing them though your TV.

For a real casino online, the only way you can access a platform is to go a site such as the ones featured on this page through a web browser and sign up. You won’t find any compatible or specialized apps for TV at these platforms, or anywhere else for that matter, but you will be able to play them on a web browser. After opening the site on the browser, input your personal and credit information, which is quick, secure and easy. From here you choose the games of your choice and begin to play.

Transacting money at a TV casino online is secure. Some players fret over the possibility of their information being stolen due to lack of network security but in fact smart TV makers have encrypted technology for beefing things up.

TV Functionality with Casinos

At real casinos, making casino commands with your smart controller is easy and done through pointing the arrow command at a button such as “hit” or “stand” for a game like blackjack. In some cases you can configure a device such as Apple’s TV controller swipe function to perform such tasks or to spin slots reels. Most of the time though you just need to move the cursor to the button on the screen like you would when web browsing and click to perform an action.

Players can also use voice command built into their TV or a third party such as Siri for voice controls. Every platform is a bit different so you may need to experiment a bit to see what kind of results you get from using this technology.

Other than these, there aren’t a whole lot other accessories for improving the TV casino experience. This is not to say TV casino play is bad but there are not a lot of accessories or integration with third-party platforms to bring casino playing to the next level beyond a big screen. We think the point of playing on a TV is largely to experience it in a larger viewing format, however, so no need to feel disappointed.

The Experience

Playing on a large TV screen is simply awesome. Seeing a blackjack table on a 50-inch screen in HD really increases the feeling of being there in person. The software is easy to use, and the live dealer setup looks great. There are little if any distractions when playing on a TV and being able to sit on a couch in your living room to play make this method even more worthwhile.

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