Multi Table Blackjack – Play Online for Real Money

Multi-table play is something that top players do to increase the amount of games that they play over a set period of time, thus multiplying the benefits that each of these games bring. But how is this accomplished, is it advisable and is it something reserved only for elite players or something that everyone can try their hand at?

How to Multi Table Blackjack Online

To multi-table blackjack you just need to open several tables at once. This can be done with any variant and with either virtual or live blackjack. However, in games of live blackjack there are many other players and a dealer to consider and there are also time limits imposed on each hand. This is not ideal for multi-table blackjack as you want to be able to take your time.

Virtual games that use classic rules are the best as they move quickly, require minimal processing and will not lag or otherwise slow you down. To multi-table, just follow these steps:

  1. Find a casino that has games of blackjack, preferably one that provides you with a large welcome bonus and a loyalty bonus.
  2. Signup, deposit, find your chosen blackjack game and open it.
  3. Once it is open, re-size the window and then open another one.
  4. As you open more windows, try to reduce their sizes so that the windows are all stacked neatly on your desktop.
  5. Play the games and try to keep track of all of the games at the same time.

That’s all there is to it, but of course it is easier than it sounds. Just remember to start slow. In fact, unless you are playing live or multi-payer blackjack games, there is really no need to open more than 3 or 4 tables at once. It’s not like poker, where you will spend long periods of time doing nothing. It moves very quickly and most players will not even benefit from opening more than 2 tables.

Pros of Multi-Table Blackjack

There are a number of major benefits to playing multi-table blackjack, especially if you know what you’re doing and can act quickly enough to multi-table everything from live dealer games to multi-player games and, best of all, blackjack tournaments. This is when long waiting periods begin to be introduced and when you need to more effectively use your time if you want to grind those blackjack tables.

Earnings: A professional blackjack player can expect to make a decent amount of money over the course of an hour, but they are limited to how much they can earn without counting cards or drastically increasing their bet. By playing multiple hands at once, they can multiply those earnings.

Loyalty Bonuses: The biggest reason to multi-table games of blackjack is to keep stacking up those loyalty points. Every hand earns you points, and when you’re playing multiple hands a minute you will earn huge amounts.

Experience: There is no faster way to stack-up those experience points than by playing multi-table blackjack games. You will learn how to think quickly and act quickly, and this could be invaluable in the future when you are playing limited-time hands and the pressure is on.

Cons of Multi-Table Blackjack

There are really only two issues with playing blackjack in this manner, but they are quite considerable issues, ones that may leave you frustrated and penniless if you’re not careful, Fortunately there are solutions to both of these issues:

  1. Lag: Even if you have a good connection, multiple games operating at the same time can slow you down. To try and reduce this lag, make sure there is very little going on elsewhere (close browser windows, apps, games, etc.,).
  2. Attention: It can be hard to keep track of all those tables at once and you will likely make some mistakes in the beginning. It’s very easy to forget which hand you’re playing and to hit when you should be standing because you’re acting on the wrong hand. Try to play virtual blackjack games only so that you don’t have a time limit. That way you can take your time and put all your attention into each hand. You will be slow to begin with and it will feel like it’s no different to playing on a single table, but you’ll get the hang of it eventually.

Is it Legal to Multi-Table?

Yes! It may seem a little strange, and it certainly is, but there is nothing wrong with it. In fact, if you want to make it as a professional blackjack player and you only plan to play online, then you really need to multi-table.

A single game of blackjack doesn’t take a lot of time, but to really grind and really turn a profit you need to be stacking them up and moving as quickly as you can.

Can You Count Cards on Multi Table Blackjack?

You can on live dealer games, but the question is, can you handle it? It’s not that difficult to count cards as you only need to add or subtract 1 for every card that you see (assuming you use one of the more basic techniques). But a live dealer game involves other players and if you have at least 1 other table open then you could be trying to keep track of dozens of cards per hand across 2 tables and as many as 10 players.

That’s a lot to try and take in, and unless you’re Rain Man then you’re probably going to make some mistakes. You can take your time, of course, but these games wait for no one and while you can stall your hands you can’t stall the hands of others. Their cards will be flopped in the blink of an eye, and when that happens and you didn’t catch it then you could have just ruined your count.

If you want to count cards then stick with single table live dealer games. Don’t get too confident and start stacking-up the tables—you’ll only make life harder for yourself.

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