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MasterCard is one of the leading credit card and debit card providers to small businesses and individuals across the globe. Although mostly used for business applications, MasterCard has carved its way into the consumer market due to its relatively low interest rates and personal protection. In Canada, the card’s market share still falls behind that of Visa but this is not to say its benefits are any less.

In this article we take a look at the benefits of using MasterCard at an online casino and take you through the steps of how to sign up. We also answer frequently asked questions about MasterCard credit and debit card transactions when it comes to safety, security and legality.

The Benefits of MasterCard

One of the great benefits of MasterCard includes purchase assurance and protection. If a consumer has their MasterCard stolen and needs to report a faulty transaction s/he is covered by MasterCard’s assurance policy and eligible to receive a refund. In the case of a casino, if you ever worry about your data comprised to third party sources or believe you are at risk for being hacked, you can rest assured you will receive a refund from the company. Although we personally have never read or heard of any such problems there is always a risk when your credit information is being shared at any platform.

Additionally, when you use a MasterCard at an online casino you are not subject to breaching company policy. Many online players fret over whether an online transaction at a casino hub will trigger their card to be shut down or somehow affect their credit. This couldn’t be farther from the case. MasterCard treats all of its transactions the same in that only unassociated IP addresses or destinations that do not link up with a player’s swiping behavior triggers a warning. As long as you are playing from a computer or destination that you usually use your MasterCard from there are no issues and no associated private bank will treat this behavior as delinquent that would possibly subjugate you to penalties or fees.

In terms of using a MasterCard credit card, one major perk is you gain points and rewards. There is no reason why a deposit of $1000 can’t also go toward gaining rewards unlike that of a debit card, so using your MasterCard credit card actually builds this up just as you would when swiping it for other transactions. Additionally, you build credit with every swipe of MasterCard provided you are able to pay it off whereas with other e-wallets or debit cards you do not gain such benefits.

Using a MasterCard debit card is perfectly fine though, as they are also accepted at the online casino hubs promoted here. The only downside to using a MasterCard debit card is like any other debit card in that should this card ever be stolen somehow and is linked to your checking account you may be subject to your funds frozen until an investigation is concluded. As we said before, this is highly unlikely to occur but hackers are always on the lookout no matter what the site contains. On this plus side, however, MasterCard debit cards receive cash outs relatively quicker than credit cards and the amount goes straight into your personal account for hard cash.

How to Use your MasterCard at an Online Casino

Simply follow the casino link above to which you are redirected to the Canadian Home Page version of the site. Here you need to fill in your personal information where you are eligible for bonuses and other perks. Upon being verified you have various options on how to fund your account and need to select either MasterCard debit or credit from the pull down menu. Deposit an amount you are willing to wager, choose a game, and you are off to the races.

When it comes to withdrawing, there are several options to choose from. Although you may have deposited with a MasterCard card there is actually in requirement to withdraw in the same manner. For the sake of this portion, however, the easiest way is to assume that you do want to use some form of MasterCard so here are the steps:

  1. When finishing a game choose the cash out option, sometimes referred to as “withdraw” or “opt out”
  2. Select MasterCard debit or credit and input the card information
  3. Wait for the cash to be remitted, which can vary on time depending on the card method

In the case of a debit card, using a MasterCard debit option will likely bring the money within to your account about 2-3 days later whereas the credit card option takes about 4-5 days and is credited to your account balance. If you have outstanding credit debt and need to pay it off this is a great method, otherwise if your credit limit is at its normal level you will add on however much to that amount and will not receive hard cash. We suggest MasterCard credit or debit for deposits but just the debit option for withdraw.

FAQs about MasterCard Casino Playing

  1. Do I need to notify my bank before using my MasterCard at an online casino?
  2. No, but it never hurts to double check if you are particularly concerned.


  1. Should I avoid using my MasterCard credit card since I am afraid it will affect my credit ranking?
  2. No need. As mentioned, a transaction using a MasterCard is seen like any other transaction from a reputable, verified source that casino sites do have.

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