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The iPad is one of the most popular tablet computers in the world, selling millions of units and capturing the attentions of the Apple-obsessed public with each new release. The iPhone tends to overshadow the iPad when it comes to its new releases, and it’s nowhere near as popular, but this device still owns a major share of the mobile market and is one of the best devices to gamble with online.

You can take an iPad with you anywhere and use it to play your favourite games of blackjack on the go, but mobile gamblers much prefer smartphones for that purpose and tend to use iPads in place of laptops and desktops, relaxing on the couch, or even in bed after a long day at work. Not only are they more portable than desktops and even laptops, but there are many other benefits as well, as discussed in this guide to playing blackjack on iPad.

The Change from Desktop to iPad Blackjack

Most of the blackjack games that you find on desktops, laptops, and smartphones can also be found on iPad. There was a time when all iPad games were adaptations from desktop ones, and it didn’t always work. Some of them were not equipped for the touch screen, others were too cluttered, and generally it was a bit of a mess.

But as these games became more popular than their desktop counterparts, more attention was heaped onto them. Major changes were made to existing ones and additional ones were created solely for the mobile platform. Ever since 2016, and in some cases even sooner than that, all new casino games have been created with mobiles in mind.

Most developers don’t even factor the desktop side of things into the equation anymore. It’s smartphone and iPad first and everything else second. That’s why you will notice that a lot of desktop games and sites now use the three-line mobile menu format, and why many of them also keep on-screen options to a minimum.

Choice of Live Blackjack Games on iPad

All major developers have their own live blackjack games for iPads and smartphones. There are dozens of different variations, with tweaks in the way they look, the way they play and the features that they offer. You typically have three options when it comes to live blackjack games for iPad.

  1. Microgaming

Microgaming is the biggest developer in the world, and it’s also the longest running. They likely created the very first online casino games, which means they also had a hand in creating the first blackjack games.

They were one of the first to see the mobile revolution coming, which is why they were also one of the first to launch an iPad compatible live casino. The Microgaming live casino has a variant of blackjack that offers great odds, and a betting range from $1 to $4000. The studio itself is actually located in Canada, even though the software is regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority, and players from all over the world can join.

There is also a Playboy Blackjack variant. This is the same live blackjack game mentioned above, but it has been stylized with the Playboy logo. The logo is used on the tables and you will also see bunny ears on the dealers themselves.

We’re not entirely sure why they needed a Playboy themed live blackjack game, because if you take those fluffy ears and that logo away then it’s just a game of blackjack like any other, but it’s a fun title nonetheless and it makes for a nice change every now and then. You will also see changes implemented during certain seasons and celebrations.

One of the most exciting things about this variant from the point of view of a pro blackjack player is that the cards are not shuffled after each hand and all used cards are put to one side. This means that it is possible to count cards on this game.

  1. Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming are aptly named, as they helped the live casino industry to evolve when they started developing their own software. They are a business-to-business software provider, which means they work with the casinos and don’t have their own casino. They create the software, they maintain it and they license it—the casinos are the ones that promote it.

Their basic game of Live Blackjack can be played on iPads and other tablet computers. They have stacks of other live games as well, including a popular wheel-based title by the name of Dream Catcher, but there is only one other blackjack game. This is known as Blackjack Party and it works in many of the same ways, but has more of a boisterous feel to it, with a host, some lively dealers, and plenty of activity.

The blackjack tables on Evolution Gaming can seat up to 7 players and if you play Party Blackjack you can take advantage of several side bets, including 21+3 and Perfect Pairs. There is also a feature known as Bet Behind, which lets non-active players bet on active ones, effectively increasing the number of players from 7 to an infinite amount.

  1. Fun Play

These games give players a fixed amount of “play” coins that they can use to play against virtual or simulated dealers. They can win more play money, compare their winnings to their friends, and earn their place on a leaderboard. If they want more money or features, they can pay for them.

We never really understood these games. It’s like real money gambling without the incentive of winning real money, and because of the way they tweak the games they offer they are not even good practice tools.

But despite that, these games are probably the most popular type of blackjack game on iPad, or rather they used to be. In 2018 Apple clamped down on real and fake gambling apps and most of these apps were removed from the App Store. Real money gambling apps were already rare on the App Store, with most players choosing to download directly from the gambling website or, better yet, to simply use the Instant Play feature to play through their iPad browser.

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