Live Blackjack on Tablet – Best Tablet App for Canadians

Tablets are a great way to gamble online—it’s almost like they were made for real money card games like blackjack. They offer the large screen and graphical ability that you get from a laptop, but with the mobility that you get from a smartphone. For many players, they strike a perfect balance between the two, and in this guide we’ll look at how tablets handle the best games of live blackjack.

Live Blackjack Variations

You can find many live blackjack variations online. The most common one, and the one we would recommend is Classic Blackjack, which also goes by many other names, including Vegas Blackjack or Single Deck Blackjack.

This variant is blackjack as it should be, without all those unnecessary bells and whistles getting in the way. This is important, because in its most basic form blackjack is a very advantageous game for the player. The casinos don’t like this, so they add new features to tip the balance back in their favour.

That’s why games like Pontoon and Spanish 21 have odds that are much lower than those offered by the basic games of blackjack mentioned above. It might seem counterintuitive, but the more basic it is, the better it is. This applies to everything, from the number of decks used to the bonus features, side bets and everything else.

No Live Blackjack Apps in the App Store?

This is not unusual. All major platforms have their issues with online gambling and haven’t always been the most willing participants. However, you don’t need the app to be in the app store in order to download it.

In fact, many online casinos don’t even try to list their apps in the app store. Instead, they make them available for download on their website. Players just need to visit their website, download, and then play. It will work just like a regular app store app.

And if this still doesn’t work for you for whatever reason, then you can use the mobile browser instead. The majority of online casinos have Instant Play software, which is also known as “No Download” software. This basically lets you play all (or most) of the games directly through your web browser, and it works just as well on desktop computers as it does on tablets.

There is no safety issue, no security risk, and everything should run smoothly. It’s still not quite as good as playing through an app as there may be some occasional browser lag, but unless you have a very old and outdated phone, or your have dozens of windows open at the same time, then you shouldn’t notice any major difference.

Tips for Playing Live Blackjack on a Tablet

If you want to profit playing live blackjack on your tablet device then keep all of the following tips in mind:

  1. Always use welcome bonuses. It is true that they have large play-through rates and aren’t always as generous as they seem at first glance, but if you’re doubling your money and using that money to play blackjack games for free, you really can’t complain.
  2. Check for loyalty bonuses. These aren’t always available these days and if you play slots and games of roulette then they aren’t really beneficial either. But the margins are so low on live blackjack that you really can’t afford not to signup for them. Check the graphic at the top of this page for a top blackjack casino with a loyalty bonus.
  3. Always set limits. Do not let your emotions get carried away when you play. Make sure you set loss and deposit limits, especially if you regularly play drunk or you have had an issue with problem gambling in the past.
  4. Try to count cards. You cannot count cards in virtual games of blackjack, but it’s a different story with most live games. They obviously don’t advertise the fact that card counting is possible, so you will have to watch a game or two first. If the dealer takes all used cards and puts them to one side before dealing from a shoe, card counting is possible.
  5. Dont Multi-Task. Most tablets allow you to multi-task these days, but that’s a sure-fire way to distract yourself, which can lead to costly mistakes. Live blackjack games need your full, undivided attention if you want to maximize your profits.
  6. Look for Mobile Bonuses. In addition to welcome bonuses, loyalty bonuses and reload bonuses, some casinos also offer bonuses for the first time that you use a tablet or smartphone to play their games. They do this as a way to attract more players to their mobile software.
  7. Leave for some time. If you have used all of your welcome bonus cash and you’re not getting far in the loyalty club, then consider emptying your account, signing up to receive notifications, and then doing nothing. After a few weeks, and sometimes even a few days, they will email you and offer you a reload bonus if you return. All casinos do this—the only way they differ is in how much they offer and at what point they offer it.

Best Live Blackjack Tablet App

There are many great apps out there, but the best ones are always available on the best casinos. In our opinion, one of the very best live blackjack games out there is the one offered by Microgaming. This is a 6-deck, no-nonsense blackjack game where the dealer does not shuffle the cards and plays exactly like a real casino dealer would.

What’s more, this game is available on tablet devices! Just make sure you avoid the Party Blackjack variant available on the same software. It’s not terrible, it’s just not very good. There are poor odds and all kinds of side bets and filler that make it more “fun” but also take away the profitability.

For the best Microgaming casinos that provide all of the right benefits and offer all the right features, check with our top casinos.

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