iPhone Blackjack App with Live Play

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in the world, the iPhone is the world’s most popular smartphone, and live casinos are currently rising faster than any other form of casino gambling. So it should come as no surprise to learn that thousands of players are looking for live play iPhone blackjack apps every single month, and in this guide we’ll highlight the very best of them.

Real Money iPhone Blackjack Apps

These apps are just like the ones you download onto your desktop computer or play through your desktop browser. In most cases it’s the same game (you may even be playing with players who are using desktop computers), but it has been adapted for mobile use. These real money blackjack apps are safe, secure, fair and, above all, fun!

Who doesn’t enjoy play the odd game of live blackjack as you sit through a long commute to work or chill on the sofa after a hard day?

The only real difference between these apps and playing the casino games on your desktop is that the screen is smaller and the controls have been optimized to work with a touch screen. There are also a number of other minor benefits, which we will get to soon.

Are Real Money Gambling Apps Allowed on iPhone?

This has been a contentious issue over the years and real money gambling apps have existed in somewhat of a grey area. Apple are an American company with a predominantly American following and American values. They don’t look fondly on online gambling and haven’t always been kind to the companies that offer it.

In the summer of 2018 they took this to another level and clamped down heavily on all real and simulated gambling apps. This didn’t affect all apps, as it only targeted “individual developers” but many others were caught in the cross fire and a lot of gambling apps disappeared from the store.

Thankfully, this was not a death knell for gambling on the iPhone. You can still find real money gambling apps in the App Store, you can still access them freely here in Canada, and even if that fails there are alternative ways to play those games on your phone, such as using the mobile browser to access the casino directly.

There are no security issues with this and you, your details, or your phone will not be exposed at any time. Just make sure that you play on a reputable and regulated online casino. See our list of recommended iPhone blackjack casinos to find the very best one offering what you need.

Fun Play Blackjack Games

We have never been big fans of so-called “fun” play gambling apps. Developers pack these games with unnecessary features to try and make them more appealing to the casual player and in doing so they lose the immersive experience that many real gamblers enjoy.

These apps are also filled to the brim with ads and in-game purchases. The only thing worse than losing a lot of money on a game of real money blackjack is losing the same amount of money buying fake coins on “fun” play blackjack!

These games took a major hit during the App Store gambling purge that we alluded to above, and we don’t think they will be missed. If you really want to simulate the blackjack experience for free, then simply download a real money casino app and use their “play” chips. They all have them. You may struggle to find these on live dealer casinos, but in that case you can just look for a casino that has a no-deposit bonus and use someone else’s money to practice with.

At least that way you have a genuine chance of winning some real money, and at no point will you be bombarded with adds for freemium games you have no interest in!

How to Spot a Good Online Casino for iPhone

If you play on enough online casinos then you become experienced in telling the good from the bad. There are a huge number of online casino out there that fit into the latter category, often because they have been neglected or were created as turn-key projects by major gambling brands.

The age, reputation and reach of a casino are all important. If a casino is old, it should be everywhere and everyone in the gambling industry should know about it. If not, there is a good chance it has been neglected or was never good enough for anyone to care about it. If it’s new, its reputation will be less widespread, but it should make up for this with a plethora of bonuses and promotions.

A good online casino should standout and within 60 seconds you should have noticed all of the following:

  • Games: If they have a large number, they will advertise this number. If they have a small amount, they will be vague about it. Variety is also important, if all you can see on their homepage are the same-old games you’ve been playing for years, there’s a good chance they are not updating their library or working with niche developers.
  • Banking Options: A casino that offers dozens of options and includes many country-specific ones is a casino that cares about its players.
  • Blackjack: You’re there for blackjack, and if they have a good variant they will advertise the fact. You want several virtual variants and at least 1 live dealer one.
  • Loyalty Bonus: You need a reason to keep playing after that welcome bonus has gone. Loyalty bonuses are also very generous to blackjack players and a good player can use a welcome bonus and a loyalty bonus to win a massive profit from any online casino.

The Best Online Blackjack Casinos for iPhone

To find the best live-play blackjack casinos for iPhone, just take a look a our top lists and the graphic at the top of this page. We constantly update these with the very best online casinos to make sure you never miss a worthy bonus and a good casino. We’re very selective in our review process, but always opt for casinos that have strong bonuses, mobile support, and an emphasis on blackjack games for Canadians.

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