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The iPad is the leader in tablet developments across the globe. When this device was launched over a decade ago it changed the entire way the computer industry functions and integrates with applications. At first market analysts were skeptical about the penetration rate of tablets into the industry and believed the computers were stuck between the smartphone and notebook worlds. But Apple nevertheless pursued the technology and believed the device would flourish and go beyond demand for a niche product, enabling consumers to take applications related to reading and presentations to the next level. As of 2017, the device is one of the best-selling tablets and maintains the number one spot in market share in most countries.

The gaming industry also saw a major shift when iPad hit the market. The need for hand consoles disappeared and all of a sudden consumers were able to take their favourite games on the road with them. This included racing games, card games such as poker, blackjack and solitaire, and even shooting games. As iPad grew in popularity so did the need for data plans to connect the device online instead of relying on downloading games or connecting to Wi-Fi. By the early 2010s, most iPad owners had started adding 3G followed by 4G plans to their device and this paved the way to access higher-performance games such as live casinos. The iPad soon became one of the most widely used devices for accessing online casino sites and until this day remains as one of the top-used tablets for playing games such as blackjack, slots and roulette.

Accessing a Casino on iPad

The iPad works both at sites featuring apps and at mobile compatible sites with Safari or Firefox browsers. Typically, a casino site’s Home Page has an icon to sign up at which you will either begin signing up through the web browser or begin downloading an app. This will automatically configure once you go to the web page, which is connected above at the site’s URL.

Newer iPads are capable of playing all casino games without lag or crashing. First and second generation iPads may struggle a bit due to lower RAM and processing speeds but for a game like software blackjack they should be fine. The best iPads for playing are the ones featuring Retina display technology, as those really began the era of pristine HD graphics and high performance speed. Most casino games now are in HD and work better A6 chips and above.

iPad Casino Compatibility

All iPad models can be used at online casinos including:

  • iPad
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad mini

The regular 9.7-inch iPad is the most commonly used iPad since it has been the flagship models for so many years but more recently casino sites have reportedly seen increased traffic from iPad Pro and iPad mini devices. Regardless if your iPad is not the standard 9.7-inch and instead 7.9-inch found on the iPad mini or 12.9-inch on the iPad Pro, your iPad will still format casino games properly.

At times there are issues using Flash technology in Safari and therefore casino games won’t load properly. We recommend downloading the latest version of Flash and re-starting your iPad if you run into problems, otherwise if this doesn’t work you may need to result to Firefox since integration with Flash is a but more advanced. Google Chrome for iPad also works pretty well.

iPad Gambling Features

Some players like to use stylus with their iPad. This works well as an alternative to tapping on the iPad screen to hit and stay in blackjack games or to spin reels in slots games. The iPad front lens acts as a clear camera to use for playing live blackjack should you want the dealer to see you or it can be used to have face-time chats in different tournaments.

iOS technology, which is featured on every Apple tablet, is a great software for protecting against viruses that come about when browsing on the Internet. You don’t have to worry about getting a virus when connecting to a casino site but it is ensuring to know you have this OS helping to protect your experience online, especially if you are depositing money into a site. iOS operates great at sites like Royal Vegas Casino, which is a popular casino site for Canadians and iOS users alike.

FAQs about iPad Gambling

What casino games can I play on this device?

All casino games can be played with iPad. Many players like to play blackjack for real money on iPads because the blackjack tables and card setups resemble a real life table setting. Live dealer blackjack also looks great on 9.7- and 12.9-inch iPad models.

Is it safe to make a casino deposit using iPad?

Yes. In fact, it is the best mobile option since you avoid connecting to a telephone line like you would with iPhone. Avoiding an interrupting phone call halfway through a game is a must!

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