Online Casino Sites in Canada Accepting Instant Wire Transfer

Wire transfers are one of the oldest methods of depositing and withdrawing on online casinos, but they are also one of the safest and the most accessible. The majority of players will overlook them in favour of web wallets and credit/debit cards, but they still serve a purpose, there is still a large number of customers who use them, and in some cases they may be your only option.

The Pros and Cons of Wire Transfer

Wire transfers provide all of the benefits to users of Canadian casinos:

  • Faster: They are far from the fastest option, that honour goes to web wallets, but they are faster than many other “traditional”
  • Accessible: You will have to look long and hard to find an online casino that does not accept wire transfers as a payment option.
  • Secure: This is one of the most secure methods you can use.

However, there are also a number of cons:

  • Fees: Wire transfers can be very expensive and they often charge a set fee, which makes it a non-starter for players looking to withdraw small amounts of money. It’s also the reason why many casinos don’t accept it for deposits but do accept it for withdrawals (with the player covering the fee in case of withdrawals).
  • Personal Data: It is a very safe option, but nonetheless it requires you to give out bank account information that some users may not be comfortable releasing.

How to Deposit Using Wire Transfers

  1. Take a look at our recommended casinos and choose one that stands out to you the most.
  2. Signup to the casino, making sure you fulfil the bonus terms to collect a bundle of free cash.
  3. Click (or tap, if you’re using a mobile) on the “Cashier”
  4. Under “Deposit Options”, look for “Wire Transfer” and select.
  5. Make sure that the URL begins “HTTPS” and that you can see a padlock. This means you are safe to proceed.
  6. On the screen that appears, enter your bank details where prompted. Again, make sure you are on a secure URL and that at no point you have been redirected.
  7. Double-check that you have input the right details and then click “Proceed”.
  8. Confirm your deposit and then wait.

The cashier pop-up screen should disappear and you should be taken to a “payment confirm” screen. Here you will be told if the payment was successful and if it was then the money will be in your account and you can start playing! If not, and it has still not shown after a short wait, then you may need to contact the casino or your bank.

We would recommend contacting the casino first to make sure the issue was not on their end, before taking it up with your bank. If you don’t use online banking and you don’t have any account statements to hand, then you may need to contact your bank in the first instance to get the information you need to initiate a wire transfer. The info that is requested will differ from casino to casino, depending on where they are based, but in most cases it’s very basic and consists of a name, account number and routing number.

How to Withdraw Using Wire Transfers

If you win some money and want to make a withdrawal using a wire transfer then follow these simple steps:

  1. Select the “Cashier” section, find “withdraw” and then click or tap it.
  2. On the next screen, select the “wire transfer”
  3. You may be greeted with a screen showing your wire transfer data. If not, just type it in again while making sure you are on a connected website.
  4. Enter the amount that you want to withdraw. If there is a fee then you shouldn’t need to account for this as they will simply take it from the total withdrawal amount.
  5. Double-check your details. Wire transfers can be difficult to reroute if there is a mistake.
  6. Confirm your withdrawal and then wait for the confirmation.

The Best Wire Transfer Casinos in Canada

Most online casinos available in Canada accept wire transfers as a withdrawal option and some also allow it to be used for deposits, although in this case there are better options. You can find the very best wire transfer casinos in Canada by checking the graphics at the top of this page and looking at our regularly updated top-lists.

These pages are updated every day. We take into account things like bonuses, games, banking options, and more to rank these casinos. If they do anything deserving of being added to our blacklist then they will be removed from our top-list as well, ensuring that every casino on this page and advertised above are deserving of your money and time.

Alternatives to Wire Transfers

As good as wire transfers are, there are better options out there. They have gotten a lot better and cheaper over the years, and if you don’t have another option then they are certainly better than nothing. But we believe that there are payment options that beat them in all key areas. So, if you still have the luxury of choice, then consider these alternatives to wire transfers:

  • Speed: If speed is key, then you really can’t do much better than web wallets. One of the quickest options out there is PayPal. A lot of Canadian gamblers have bad experiences with this web wallet though, so you may want to consider Skrill or Neteller instead. All payments should take place within an hour, and the only wait is for the casino to process it.
  • Accessibility: The only payment option that you can find on more casinos than wire transfers are debit cards, or more specifically Visa and MasterCard. We have yet to encounter a single non-cryptocurrency casino that does not accept either one of these options.
  • Anonymity: Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are perfect if you want to remain anonymous. There is no way of connecting a Bitcoin wallet to its owner and the recipient of your money will not even know you name if your don’t give it to them.
  • Security: Credit cards are as secure as you can get. Not only do these use highly secure, encrypted networks, but even if your details are stolen it’s easy to cancel them and to get your money back.

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