Double Exposure Blackjack Online – Play for Real Money

Double Exposure Blackjack is a very unique game of blackjack that greatly benefits the player, shifting the house edge a little more in their favour than standard games of blackjack do. If you want to get ahead and beat the game of online blackjack using real money, then this is one of the best games that you can play.

What is Double Exposure Blackjack?

Double Exposure Blackjack is a game of blackjack like any other, only both of the dealer’s cards are shown instead of just one. This gives the player a huge advantage, because as any blackjack professional will tell you, you need to focus on the dealer’s cards more than you focus on your own.

Where to Find Double Exposure Blackjack

You can find games of Double Exposure Blackjack on most Microgaming casinos, but not all of them. Casinos cherry-pick the games that they want to display on their casinos, and as you can imagine of a game that has such a low house edge, not many casinos want to list Double Exposure Blackjack. As a player the onus is on you to demand that your favourite casino includes it and to move to another one if they do not.

We have also heard reports of this game being available in land-based casinos, where it may be referred to by another name. Online casino games make the switch after being licensed to do so, which means land-based casinos need Microgaming’s permission and they need to pay them a fee. This is the only real reason why this game has not spread like wildfire through cities like Las Vegas, although it may do so in years to come.

How to Play Double Exposure Blackjack

If you know the rules of blackjack and you understand basic blackjack strategy then you are well-placed to beat games of Double Exposure Blackjack in your favourite Microgaming casino. If not, keep reading. In the next segment we will tell you the strategy for success at games of Double Exposure Blackjack, but first let’s get the basics out of the way.

The only way that Double Exposure Blackjack differs to other games of blackjack is in how the cards are dealt. Rather than one being dealt face-down, they are both death face-up. This happens during the initial deal and before you make your move, so you can see the dealer’s exact hand before you go any further.

There are a few other rules to take into account as well, including:

  • The dealer will often hit on soft 17s.
  • You can double-down when you like.
  • You can split whenever you like.
  • You are allowed to re-split most hands.

If all of this sounds too good to be true, then it’s worth noting that there is one rule that shifts the balance slightly: all ties will be settled in the dealer’s favour. This is quite a significant change, as it means there is simply nothing you can do if they score a 21, and even if you score a 21 (assuming it is not a blackjack) you may still go on to lose the hand.

This rule helps to balance the odds a little and ensure that the player doesn’t have everything their own way.


Typically, if the dealer is showing a “10” card then you know there is a high chance of them earning a big score. If the face-down card is 7 or higher, then they will get 17 or more, simple as that. If it is a 4 or less, then they still have another chance to turnover a card and get a good score.

However, if they showing a low card like a 5, then you know they are in a tricky position. If their face-down card is a 10, it leaves them in a very tricky position, and the same is true for many other cards that they could draw.

What makes Double Exposure Blackjack special is that you can see both of their cards at the same time. There is no wondering, no guessing—you know what they have and you can base your moves on that.

Here are a few simple rules that you can follow based on games where the dealer hits on soft 17.

  • Always hit when you are showing a 5, 6 or 7, unless the dealer has a 14, 15 or 16, in which case you should double-down and take your chances that way.
  • Always hit with an 8, unless the dealer has 12, 13, 14, 15 or 16, in which case you should double-down.
  • Always hit with an Ace and 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6, regardless of what the dealer has.
  • Hit with an ace and a 9 if the dealer shows a 20.

Insurance and Side Bets

There is one golden-rule where insurance and side bets are concerned: never take any of them. The insurance one can be hard for some players to get their head around as it feels like the best move that you could make. But you will always lose more money than you will win taking insurance, so even if you win once or twice and feel like you’re doing well, you will likely lose a lot in the long run.

As for side bets, they are placed there by the casino to generate more money, tempting a player like the check-out aisle tempts a shopper as they are waiting to pay. It doesn’t matter what the side bet is, this rule applies to all of them.

Double Exposure Blackjack Review

Incase it wasn’t obvious from the information above, we absolutely love Double Exposure Blackjack. It is very rare that developers create a new variation that actually gives the player a better chance of winning, but that’s exactly what they have done here.

Microgaming bucked the trend of releasing blackjack games with the goal of fleecing players, and in doing so they have earned a great deal of respect from blackjack players everywhere, us included. Whether you are a big blackjack fan or you simply want a casino game that gives you a better chance of walking away with a profit, give Double Exposure Blackjack a go.

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