Best Online Casino Bonuses – Canada’s Top Blackjack Bonuses

Bonuses are one of the most important and unique factors when it comes to choosing an online casino. Unlike most land-based casinos, casino sites offer real incentives, promotions and bonuses when you sign up. These are not scams or gimmicks to get players hooked, and instead are legit ways of a casino encouraging players to take advantage of their platform.

Casino operators are also competing with one another to attract more players and are well aware the free market has only grown more competitive day by day when it comes to offering casino games online. To mitigate the competition bonus programmes have popped up over the years and are more generous than ever.

But what is the best casino bonus offers in the market and should players look out for any other incentives when signing up at a casino? Here we take a look at the most important factors when considering if a casino bonus is worth it and if a casino is really making it worth wild for players.

Sign-Up Bonuses

Sign-up bonuses are important but not everything to players. You may notice that some casinos offer as much as $1,200-1600 in sign-up bonuses for new players. While this is true it needs some explanation. No casino site can afford to give that much money upfront on the first deposit when a player signs up because the casino faces a huge risk of losing that money. Online casinos instead divide the total sign-up bonus amount into roughly 2-4 deposit amounts that will match a certain deposit percentage amount from a player when s/he deposits.

For example, Royal Vegas Casino offers $1,200 in sign-up bonus money. The casino platform divides the amount into 3 sections – $250 match on a player’s first deposit; $200 match on the second deposit; and $750 for the third deposit. However, these amounts are also based on matching a percentage of player’s total deposit. The first deposit match of $250 is a 100% match, which means in order to get $250 you need to spend $250. For the second match of $200 this is a 25% match, which means you will need to deposit $800 in order to get the full amount. The third deposit match is a 50% match of $750, which means you will have to deposit $1500 to get that amount.

This sounds a bit like a gimmick but this is how all the casino sites issue their bonuses. There needs to be both incentives for the player and casino so this is the structure. Most players take advantage of the first and second sign-up bonuses and see if they have any luck. If a player gets ahead or breaks even they are likely to continue playing and take advantage of the third bonus as well. Some players if they lose in the first and second bonus rounds will also go for that third deposit match to see if they can win their losses from the first two and in many cases are able to bounce back. This really depends on what you are capable of financially and the risk you can handle.

In Royal Vegas’s case, they credit your account within one hour of making a deposit but usually the credit comes within 10 minutes. The casino’s system is automatic but like any other system online will updated and issue transactions at certain times so no need to fret if the bonus doesn’t come through instantaneously.

Benefits of Sign-Up Bonuses

All players benefit from sign-up bonuses and there are a number of reasons. One obvious reason is that you simply have more money to wager and therefore can increase your chances of winning. When you only have to put up $250 and get that same amount in the form of a bonus for a total $500 there is simply a higher chance you will come out ahead. For a game like blackjack this is particularly important when you make decent wagers and use good strategy, as it gives you a good edge over the house. You also have essentially what is $250 in free money to take some extra risk with bigger bets or diversifying your games to see where your luck may strike the most.

A casino like Royal Vegas has over a 97% payout algorithm as well – one of the highest in the industry. Extra money when matched with a high payout means you have a likely chance of winning and there aren’t many other casino sites that offer both scenarios to the extent Royal Vegas does. The blackjack software games at Royal Vegas are a great starting point for using these bonuses in addition to live dealer blackjack.

Most land-based casinos do not offer bonuses. When you go to a land-based casino you are expected to deposit and move on. There are no other reward programmes or bonuses and the experience is quite dry compared to what is happening in the online world. Online casinos, much like other online platforms, are taking over and making it worthwhile for players.

FAQs About Bonuses

Do I need to deposit with a certain form of payment in order to get a bonus?

There is no restriction on what payment form you use in order to get a bonus.

Are there any boluses beyond the third deposit match?

Yes but in the form of rewards programmes such as point accumulation and other perks, not in the form of match bonuses.

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