Online Casino for Blackberry

It seems preposterous to suggest that you can gamble on online casinos using a Blackberry, but only because the thing that most people think of when they hear the word “Blackberry” is basically an obsolete messaging device complete with a keyboard. You can not play online casino games on this device, but you definitely can play them on the modern Blackberry, which is decidedly different and considerably better.

The History of Blackberry and Gambling

The Blackberry was one of the first true smartphones, paving the way for the mobile revolution that occurred in the late 2000s and was well underway by 2010. By the time the iPhone became the must-have device, the Blackberry was all but a faded memory. The device that had once been popular with businesspersons and other professionals was rendered obsolete, nothing more than a footnote in the history of technology.

In 2013, the company behind the Blackberry device changed its name from Research in Motion to Blackberry and set about trying to re-establish itself in the lucrative mobile market. Their smartphones are now much less like the original Blackberry devices and much more like iPhones. And that’s a good thing, because as unique and fun as the original Blackberry was, it was very limited.

It was a glorified messaging device, nothing more. It was great for texting and it predated some other popular mobile technology, but as far as surfing the internet, playing games or gambling went, it was useless. The new Blackberry is a different matter though. This device works in many similar ways to iPhones and Androids, offering the same functionality, albeit in slightly different ways.

The Best Blackberry Casinos in Canada

If an online casino accepts Canadian players and offers mobile play, then you can play on your Blackberry from Canada, simple as that. And as mentioned above, this is much more common than you might think. In fact, Blackberry devices themselves are more common than people realize.

These days the rights to the Blackberry is owned by a company called TCL, who purchased the rights to use the brand in 2016. They have not been able to compete with major manufacturers, but there are still a good number of Blackberry devices out there.

In 2017 they shipped over 850,000 of them. This is very low even when compared to other “fringe” manufacturers (Nokia-branded phones sold over 4.4 million units just in the final quarter of that year) but if you focus purely on the numbers from this year and earlier ones it means that there are several million Blackberry owners around the world. And with a few budget smartphones planned for 2018 and beyond, those numbers should increase.

How to Gamble on a Blackberry

If you are one of the few million Blackberry owners and you want to use your phone to gamble then simply follow the steps listed below:

  1. Go to the Blackberry App World store. This is their version of the App Store or the Google Play Store, and contains a host of top apps from thousands of major and minor developers worldwide.
  2. Use the “search” function to look for the name of your chosen online casino. To find one that suits you, simply checkout our casino top lists. As mentioned above, if there is a casino that accepts Canadian players and has mobile compatibility (which accounts for 99% of the casinos we write about on this site) then they are a good fit.
  3. Once you find the app, just download it and wait for it to be installed.
  4. That’s it! You can now click on the app, login, and start playing.

If you cannot find an app from the casino of your choice but you know that they have a mobile casino, then simply try downloading it from their website. Not all casinos will post their apps to the app store, but you should be able to get it direct from their website.

If you still don’t have any luck, then you should still be able to play it through your mobile browser. This is actually how most mobile gamblers play these days, as iPhone and Android have begun clamping down on the use of real money gambling apps, forcing users to work directly with the sites and to bypass the app stores.

It doesn’t make the sites or their software any less legitimate, it doesn’t void any warranties and it definitely doesn’t put your device at risk. It’s all safe, secure, and legitimate.

Are Blackberry Casinos Like Other Casinos?

There really is no difference. These casinos are not being created solely for Blackberry players. A developer begins the process by creating software, building everything from the interface to the games and payment options onto a software package. A casino will then come along and license this software, before tweaking it to personalize it and then adding it to their site.

This is great news from a player’s point of view, because it means you’re relying on skilled developers whose only job is to create, as opposed to casinos whose focus is to make money. These days all major developers have put a lot of time and effort into making sure their software runs on all platforms, whether that be through a web browser on Linux, or through an app on Blackberry.

So yes, they are just like every other casino and as a Blackberry owner you should be afforded all of the same features and benefits.

Blackberry Gambling in Canada

Gambling on a Blackberry device is actually one of the most Canadian things you can do, especially if you’re gambling on a live casino like the one available on the Royal Vegas website (see our graphics above to get the best promotions on this site and other sites like it). Because not only is Blackberry a Canadian company, but many live casinos are based in Canada.

It may seem like an odd choice for casinos that are predominantly regulated in Malta, but it’s true. The simple fact is that these casinos attract a huge number of players from Canada, and staging their live games in the Great White North is good for business and easy on the regulators.

Unfortunately, as far as we know there are no casino games invented in Canada (we have claimed Table Hockey, Trivial Pursuit and Five Pin Bowling though) otherwise you could make it an all Canadian affair.

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