Best Blackjack App for Canadians

Finding a suitable Blackjack App for Real Money can be a challenging task. Back when apps began surfacing as the mainstream form of content access for mobile applications, online casinos remained cautious about the technology’s prospects in the market. Concern over safety and performance was an issue and regulatory compliance issues on popular platforms such as iTunes have been tricky to deal with since real money apps are banned even if an online casino has obtained legal and proper licensing.

In this article we take a look at what casino apps are therefore best suitable for Canadians to play blackjack and other casino games, and also lay out the various challenges that have led to the development of casino apps as we know them today.

Choosing Between Apps or Mobile-Friendly Websites

Casino websites have slowly perfected their apps over the years. As mentioned, safety and performance has been an issue in the past due to inadequate technology for storing payment methods on phones, tablets and even watches. This goes back years ago but with enhanced security and mobile developments developers in pretty much every sector including online gambling platforms are now confident that players’ information will be safe and secure no matter how big the security threat.

However, there is also the issue of apps crashing. It is one thing if your newspaper app crashes while reading halfway through an article but what happens when a player is midway through a bet and the app freezes? This is far more likely to occur then with a mobile-friendly web page and thus certain casino operators have deterred from apps and ask that players login directly to the casino’s mobile-friendly landing page to access games. Not all casino developers follow this method but it is worth noting that just because there may not be an available app this doesn’t mean a casino isn’t worthy of your time.

Navigating the Best Mobile Casino and App

The best casino we found to have both a mobile friendly and app available is Royal Vegas Casino. Established back in 2001 with its app releasing shortly after this casino gives players the option to login directly to a mobile friendly landing page in which your data is stored and accessible regardless if you use a mobile phone, tablet device or switch between a laptop and desktop computer or into an app accessible on iOS, Adnroid, Windows and Blackberry operating systems.

Both of these Royal Vegas applications are found by following the redirect link above. When you arrive to the Home page click “Getting Started – Mobile” then choose to create an account either on the mobile site or download the app. Either option will get you access to a full range of games from slots, roulette, video poker and of course blackjack.

From what we know about Royal Vegas’ customer base there seems to be no substantial preference for either option. Our preferred method is to download the app directly and have it on our mobile or tablet device at our disposal anytime so that we can easily play on the go whenever and wherever. An app feels more personalized and separate from the rest of your open tabs in your Internet browser, which is always a plus if you are browsing sites that have questionable security or privacy.

What makes this app enjoyable is the intuitive layout and clear navigation. When it comes to saving banking options there is an easy option to add credit cards, debit cards or other preferred methods. You can also easily save games and opt in for mobile live casino games such as blackjack in addition to roulette and baccarat. Getting in touch with customer service meanwhile is easy and should you have any problems you can call, email or open live chat directly through the app to receive an instant response.

Is Royal Vegas Regulated?

We mentioned there was an issue with app platforms such as iTunes supporting downloads for real money casino apps. In fact, this has nothing to do with Royal Vegas and everything to do with different regulations of gambling in different countries. Although online gambling isn’t illegal in Canada platforms such as iTunes do not want users from other countries trying to access such apps as this could put a platform such as Apple at risk for illegal advertising. It’s a very tricky and grey area in this regard and while you do not have to worry about downloading the app if you’re a Canadian online casino platforms usually restrict downloads directly from their sites including Royal Vegas.

Royal Vegas Compatibility

The Royal Vegas app is compatible with all mobile operating systems including Blackberry, Windows, Android and iOS applications, and is viewable on every size phone or tablet regardless if it is 3 inches or 15 inches.

FAQs About Casino Apps

Does Royal Vegas collect data and sell it off to third party advertisers?

Since Royal Vegas is a casino website and wants to retain customers for its own marketing purposes there is no such evidence that your data is being sold or leaked anywhere on the internet.

Is mobile gambling a good idea?

It’s a good idea in the sense that you can gamble whenever you want. The convenience factor is huge for us but make sure you either have a stable 4G connection or Wi-Fi signal in order to keep the games up to speed.

What happens if a game crashes while using an app?

Having a game crash on mobile is far more likely to happen then when playing on a computer so there is some risk involved. But fear not if this happens the app will remember where you left off and how much your bet was. In order to avoid a potential crash make sure to keep your mobile device software up to date and restarting your device before you begin playing is also a good idea.

This pretty much covers the basics of what to expect with a casino app. To really explore all the potentials of what an app from Royal Vegas offers download the app and begin exploring. Payments and withdraws are simple, safe and secure with this app and you can really bring the energy of a live casino into your phone with such an easy technology.

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