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Android smartphones are immensely popular in Canada. Found in various mobile applications in Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony and many others, Android accounts for nearly half of the smartphone OS market in Canada. Canadians like the functionality of Android and probably even more so the different types of phones compatible with the operating system unlike Apple whose flagship models are vastly outnumbered.

Despite the popularity, Android compatibility still remains a concern for certain Canucks looking to engage in the online casino world. Although the industry has come a long way in making pretty much every application in both hardware and software iOS as well as Android compatible, there are nevertheless instances where applications are one or the other. Consumers still make it a point to check the back of the box on some sort of hardware application to see the Android sign, giving them confidence that compatibility won’t be a problem, and constantly look for that little robot featured on websites’ compatibility menus.

In this article we introduce you to finding the most compatible casino for your android device and take you through the steps of signing up. We also will show you if there are any other features on Android you can benefit from while playing games such as blackjack.

Android Compatibility

Android is accepted at the above casinos, including versions Nougat, Marshmallow and Lollipop. The great thing about Android and its open source coding is that it can be applied to pretty much any smartphone vendor aside from the obvious Apple and Windows applications. Because of this the OS works great on everything from 4-inch phones to Samsung Galaxy 8 devices irrespective of how wide or narrow the screen bezel.

All of the functions for gambling on an Android phone are the same for hitting, standing etc. on blackjack. Players do not experience any lag and the live game experience fits nicely onto an Android mobile device as well.

Android Apps

Most casinos do not offer native apps for their casinos because of restrictions with app store integration on platforms such as iTunes. Gambling in Canada is not illegal but many app platforms have rules about the types of content they want shown and restrict controversial topics such as gambling, pornography and violence etc. This is also in large due to parental advisory standards for minors and to avoid lawsuits over concerns of real money casino play from apps downloaded in iTunes, despite their legitimacy.

Players therefore are redirected to a mobile landing page when clicking to the site. A site such as Royal Vegas detects the traffic source of a device and location and determines the best-suiting landing page for the player. There you will see all the games available for Android friendly devices in addition to steps on how to sign up in Canadian dollars.

Is it Safe to Use Android at Casino Sites?

Android has a large presence across the web in pretty much all countries around the world. It has encrypted technology for securing online transactions, which means submitting your personal and banking info is safe and secure. Storing your credit information in any online hub runs a risk of some type of leak, but casino sites take action by putting an SSL certificate on their sites in addition to working with Entrust for beefing up security.

FAQs About Android Gambling

  1. Does it matter which device I use to play a casino game like blackjack?
  2. No. As mentioned before all Android devices regardless of size are capable of accessing casino sites whereas the version of Android being run is the only crucial factor you need to consider.


  1. Is live dealer play available on mobile?
  2. Yes. Live dealer blackjack and other games such as 3-card poker and roulette are all available.


  1. What happens if I get a call during a game?
  2. The game will pause automatically and you will resume once you hang up. For live dealer scenarios this is a bit tougher and there are some cases where players have reported trouble continuing their game because the dealer has assumed you left. Make sure to turn off mobile calling to be safe if you play live.


  1. Can I use Android Pay at Online Casinos?
  2. Unfortunately no. There are no such online web wallets available since they are based on NFC scanning technology that requires a person to place their phone next to a scanner. Perhaps one day that will be embedded through an alternative sources such as bar scan technology but for now traditional payment methods such as credit and debit cards are your best option.


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