Hello and welcome to Real Money Blackjack. If you have came across this site most likely it is because you are a blackjack fan or are looking to make money from the world of online casino play. If that is the case it just so happens you are in luck! At this site we write about all sorts of topics related to blackjack, casino tips and overall gambling topics to help online players learn the ropes of playing online blackjack games for real money. Blackjack is a Canuck favourite and is one of the most popular forms of casino play not only in Canada but also across the world that takes real skill to play in addition to a bit of luck. At this site we take you through the ropes from everything on how to sign up at a casino, the rules involved, and how to play for real money so that your gambling experience may prove successful. The online world of casino play spurs a lot of questions and we aim to answer them to make you a better gambler.

About The Online World of Casino Play

Online casino play has been around for roughly two decades now in Canada. Casino operators took quick notice back around the year 2000 in particular when the Internet boom was really starting to overtake and become the mainstream for accessing information, videos and entertainment. To keep up with these trends software developers wanted to mimic the casino experience through one’s home PC and began creating real-life software. Not too long after online platforms also began incorporating live dealers into the mix and then further added real money play, Mac compatibility and mobile applications for smartphone, tablet and smart watch applications. The online world keeps evolving and as a result so has the Internet gambling world so there is a lot to soak in. Here at Real Money Blackjack, we help you connect those dots and keep you on top of trends so that you are always in the loop.

“But what about tracking down the right casino site for me?” You may ask yourself. All casinos promoted on this site offering play to Canadians are approved from international casino authority eCOGRA. The guidelines set by eCOGRA make playing blackjack for real money online is what all legit casino sites need to follow before becoming accredited platforms. For players these days this is a stamp of approval and a boost of confidence, therefore we only recommend casinos that meet this basic criteria.

Previously, tracking down legit platforms to access while avoiding rigged sites that were not setting their software or live dealer algorithms fairly was a daunting task. There were also some reports of fraud coming out of the online casino world, albeit very limited, and this led government institutions such as the Canadian Parliament to increase oversight and regulations for operators offering play to Canadians. Over the years a lot of bad casino sites were put on blacklists but this also led to the rise of legit platforms that are overseen to ensure security and fairness. We have pulled out the weeds and provide you with the best ones by providing you with casino sites that fit these criteria in addition to the guidelines set by eCOGRA.

How We Go About Choosing a Casino 

You may notice we promote at least one casino at a time if not more on this site. The reason for this is because we want to direct players to the safest and most secure platforms that have a long-standing history, reputation and cash outs. We also want to make sure players receive the best bonuses, rewards and entertainment experience possible to make Internet casino playing the best it can. Therefore, we have taken the time over several years to engage with these casinos and try them out for ourselves, particularly for playing blackjack, and came to conclusions on what we think are the best ones for Canucks. For your convenience we place links pointing to the Canadian home page so that you can land on the exact page needed to sign up and begin playing.

All the casinos we promote here can be accessed 24/7 and have instant play. They also have hundreds of games to choose from, various methods for making deposits and withdraw, and are equipped with over 90% payouts while in some cases as high as 97% – roughly 20% higher than your average land-based casino. In other words, you are getting set up with the best of the best, so rest assured you will get a fair playing experience.

And of course, we choose casino sites with the best experience for playing real money blackjack games.

Staying in Touch

We are always here to help. We spent a lot of time putting together this site for your reference and follow through by touching base with our readers. You can stay in touch with us through singing up with our email list, connecting with us on social media such as Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook or shooting us an email. We actually get a lot of questions on blackjack and gambling in general, and try to address those questions with articles on this site. If you find yourself unable to track down certain information feel free to connect with us in whatever way that is convenient for you.

We trust you will have a rewarding experience playing blackjack online and that you experience the excitement of cashing out for real money.

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