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Blackjack has existed in the virtual world more or less the last 20 years. This is a game that was made for the transition into online play, and it’s one that you can play on the majority of online casinos. Nowadays, online casinos are one of the best platforms to play the game of blackjack, and players benefit from the added speed, accessibility and ease of use that online play offers.

Regardless if you are a beginner or an expert player, online blackjack offers a number of benefits to all players:

  • Easy learning curve
  • Potential to win a lot of money
  • Low house edges mean long-term profit is possible
  • Big perks for the most active players
  • Many different variants to choose from

What is it Like to Play Blackjack for Money at an Online Casino?

The experience is a little different to playing blackjack offline. Some would say better, some would say worse. It all depends on your personal preferences. The game is quicker, everything moves smoothly, and you don’t have to wait for others.

What’s more, there are never any queues and you don’t have to make do with a variant you don’t like just because you don’t want to leave the casino. Even individual online casinos have a wealth of variants for you to choose from, and if you leave then you can find dozens more elsewhere.

There are also many more bonuses and great loyalty programmes, which is down to the high competition as well. All casinos have games of blackjack and they all want you to choose them over their rivals. So they offer big bonuses and all kinds of extras to try and convince you to play there and not elsewhere.

Now that you have read about what the online casino experience has to offer, how do you go about getting signed up at a casino online and begin playing for real money? Below we take you through the basics of getting set up.

Signing Up

You need a few basic details in order to signup to an online casino that offers real money blackjack. This includes your name, address and your email address. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to provide them with a credit card or debit card just to prove you are who you say you are. This was a method of verification in the early days but it no longer is.

These days you can deposit and play with web wallets, wire transfers and more. If they require verification in the event you win some type of major jackpot or tournament, which is a possibility, then they will ask for this in the form of a driver’s license, passport and/or utility bills. But these are not required straight away. In fact, in most cases you will not be asked for these at all.

How to Deposit/Withdraw

Once you have an account you just need to visit the Banking Options screen and make a deposit. You will also withdraw through this screen, but you may be limited to which methods you can use when it comes time to withdraw.

There should be no fees (although it will depend on your chosen method) and deposits should be instant, while withdrawals should occur with 5 days. In fact, with options like PayPal and Skrill they should be able to move the money to your account within a matter of hours. The only delays here are when they take too long to initiate the release of the money. In Canada, most players prefer to finance their playing with Debit Cards or E-Checks.

Playing with Live Dealer vs. RNG Software

If you miss the offline casino experience then you might be better off with a live dealer setup. This bridges the divide between real and virtual and gives you an experience that is a little more real. The main difference is that a live dealer casino uses a real dealer and a real table, but most of everything else is still virtual. This means that it still moves at a greater speed (although not as quick a virtual games) but you have more of an immersive and communal experience. For live dealer blackjack there may also be queues, but we have often found these to be minimal. We go over what it is like and the benefits of playing with live dealer casinos more in this article.

Are Online Blackjack Rules the Same?

The rules are the same as the real casino rules, as is everything else. There are a few key differences though. The main difference between offline and online play is that you can not count cards in online blackjack. That’s because the cards are shuffled after every hand, so card counting is just not effective.

This only makes sense when you think about it, as these casinos don’t want you sitting there with a calculator and a strategy. People have tried and they insist that it does work, but it’s just not true. The same applies to live dealer games, where the cards are also shuffled and where you can not effectively count cards. 

We recommend taking a look at out article detailing Online Blackjack Rules to get an even better understating of what to expect.

Are There Any Tips or Strategies for Winning Online?

You just need to play well, make sure you bankroll effectively and always use Basic Blackjack Strategy. Basically, they are the same rules that you need to follow for all games of blackjack, whether you are playing online or you are playing in a real casino.

Basic Blackjack Strategy always works, regardless of which game you play and where you play it. It is also worth noting that there are many more games online and that some of these use different rules. For instance, you can find many more games of Switch and Double Exposure blackjack online. These do exist offline, but they began online and this is where they have flourished.

Tips for Winning at Real Money Online Blackjack

In games of poker and other strategy games, there are tendencies, characteristics and more that separate one player from the next. In Blackjack, it’s not quite that varied. There is typically only one way to play and one way to win. However, there are things that separate the professionals from the amateurs.

There are the things that stop the latter from becoming the former. The reason the amateur players have not been able to grasp these techniques and strategies is not necessarily because they are ignorant, but because they are perhaps not as well informed as they could be. They let emotion get the better of them, and they make a series of assumptions that are just not true.

The first thing you should do, therefore, is wipe the slate clean. By all means approach these tips as someone who understands the game of Blackjack, but don’t go in thinking that a certain style works best or that certain moves always work, because the majority of those beliefs are nothing more the supposition and will only do you harm.

Proper Money Management

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you are correctly managing your money. It is very easy to lose more than you can afford to lose in this game, and it’s easy for losses to get away from you. So,

  • Find a stake that perfectly suits your financial situation;
  • make sure you use a program like PayPal/Skrill to bankroll;
  • and never deposit more when you know you should not.

These things are easier said than done, we get that. If that wasn’t the case then everyone would be a profitable player. It is all about approaching this from the perspective of a strategist and a logical person, as opposed to a gambler who is relying on Lady Luck to get by.

Choose the Right Games

Once you have the bankrolling down, you need to make sure you choose the right game. In a moment we will discuss Basic Blackjack Strategy, which can help to reduce the edge that the house has over you. But if that edge is already minimal, then by pushing it down further you are increasing your odds drastically.

Some games, such as many forms of Pontoon and Spanish 21, have a house edge of around 10%, which is just too big. Others, such as Switch Blackjack and Double Exposure Blackjack, have a house edge that is less than 1%. In fact, Switch can be as low as 0.50%, and when you add solid strategy on top of that then it almost—but not quite—tips in your favor.

Use Basic Blackjack Strategy

There is a simple, mathematically sound formula for winning blackjack and it is known as Basic Blackjack Strategy. It essentially tells you how you should play in every situation, and it uses statistical probability to make those decisions.

For instance, using Basic Blackjack Strategy you will learn that you should never take insurance. That’s because while it might work in the short-run, in the long-term you will lose much more money than you will win by taking it. It also gives you an idea of when you should be standing and hitting based on what cards you are holding and what cards the dealer is holding.

It asks you to increase risk when the reward is greater and when your chances are minimal without it; and it limits that risk when the onus is on the dealer to make a hand. Once you start learning Basic Blackjack Strategy you begin to understand one of the biggest mistakes that amateurs make: it’s about the dealer’s cards, not yours.

What the dealer is holding should have bigger impact on your move than what you are holding. Their cards will dictate the possibility of them winning big, struggling to make a good hand or going bust. Nothing is guaranteed of course, but Basic Blackjack Strategy is not a one-way ticket to instant success and profit. It is a method by which you can lower the house edge and increase your chances of getting a consistent return.

Don’t worry if it seems complicated, because it’s not. It’s actually quite simple to learn. What’s more, there is nothing stopping you from having a sheet on hand that explains Basic Blackjack Strategy as you play the game online. Of course, you might not be able to get away with that in a land-based casino, but online there is no one there to stop you.

Take the Perks and Bonuses

All online casinos will offer bonuses, while all offline casino will give you perks. The former are better, as the latter tend to be limited to free drinks and food, which is never going to have a big impact on your profit and loss.

With online casinos you should make sure that you get the biggest welcome bonus possible. Ignore free spins, no deposit bonuses and mobile bonuses. Focus on 100% or 200% matched deposit bonuses and loyalty schemes. Those are the most beneficial to Blackjack players. The low house edge means it’s easy to burn through these bonuses and to remain in profit, while the loyalty scheme will also ensure you have some extra cash at the end of it all.

Finally, Understand There are no Short-Cuts

We mentioned that you can have a sheet describing Basic Blackjack Strategy on hand as you play online. This is not a short-cut as such, it’s just a way of leaning the game quickly and limiting your losses as you get around the learning curve. If you’re like many other online players then you may also be pondering the possibility of having a calculator on standby and trying to count cards.

You might think that you have just discovered the secret to winning on online blackjack. After all, card counting always lead to success and they will never know you have a calculator, right? Well, we’re sorry to disappoint, but while you can have a calculator on standby, it won’t do you any good.

In offline casinos the cards are dealt from a shoe and there is a continuous flow. All cards need to be dealt, and card counting works by essentially predicting which ones have a greater chance of being drawn next based on which ones have been drawn before. This works because the used cards are moved to the back of the shoe and will therefore not come into play until all others have.

However, it’s a different story online. The cards are shuffled after every hand, which means that card counting is just not beneficial. The same goes for any other potential cheats. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you can beat the game by doing anything other than bankrolling effectively and playing well, because you can’t.


Q. Is Online Gambling Legal in Canada?
A. Yes. Canada permits its citizens to gamble online for real money and to cash in earnings without having to report them as taxes. This includes blackjack and other casino games.

Q. Does Online Gambling Affect My Credit?
A. Absolutely not. Your credit in no way is affected by depositing and withdrawing online at an online casino. The only thing that matters is whether you are able to bankroll your deposits and keep up with payments should you decide to put a wager on something like a credit card.

Q. Are Online Casinos Safe and Secure?
A. There are no shortage of scam casino sites out there just as there is with pretty much every segment on the Internet. Therefore, we have taken the time to track down legal and verified sites based on international regulating standards that are also fun, pay high amounts, and of course, are secure. Playing the casinos recommended above are the best way to ensure you get off track and led down a path toward an illegitimate platform.

Q. What Other Casino Games Can Be Played Online for Real Money?
A. Nowadays pretty much everything. The casinos we like have everything from blackjack and poker to slots, roulette and bingo.

Q. What Kinds of Blackjack Games Are Available Online?
A. Pretty much every variant, including: Classic, Pontoon, Spanish 21, Switch, Double Exposure, European, Atlantic City and Las Vegas Blackjack.


Online casinos are compatible with pretty much every device on the market, including:

  • Android smartphone and tablet devices
  • Apple iOS iPhones, iPads and smart watches
  • Mac and PC devices
  • Blackberry smartphones
  • Windows phones

You can also switch between devices at will and access these casino sites as long as you have an internet connection. It is not uncommon for players to begin on one device such as a home computer and then switch to a mobile device to play on the go.

Best Casino in 2019?

We currently have evaluated Royal Vegas Casino as the best casino for playing blackjack. We have an extensive review of all the different types of games on this site but go into even more detail with a dedicated page to Royal Vegas found here for your reference.

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