The terms listed on this page describe the privacy policies of Real Money Blackjack, relating to all of its users. As these terms prove, the privacy of our uses is of utmost importance to us and will always be one of our main priorities.

Your Information

There are very few instances in which Real Money Blackjack will ever request information from you and there are no instances in which we will request sensitive information. That is because Real Money Blackjack does not sell anything and is merely an affiliate website. There are a few cases in which your information will be requested though. These include contact forms and feedback forms, as well as newsletter subscriptions.

In these instances, you are willingly giving us your information, often limited to your name and your email address. This is simply so that we can send you a response or so that we can add your details to our newsletter list and send you periodic emails. You will be given the chance to unsubscribe if you no longer wish to receive these emails and we will never add you to that list unless you specifically request it.

There is also an option to send us a message without giving us a valid name or address, if you would prefer it this way. But bear in mind that we will not be able to respond if this is the case.

Your Security

We will always endeavour to keep your information safe. This applies regardless of what the information is and regardless of how insignificant you may deem it to be. You have given us this information in good faith so we will treat it with respect and it will never be used for marketing, unless you have specifically requested it.

Real Money Blackjack will never sell your information to another user, so we can guarantee that any email addresses, IP addresses or names that are provided to us, will remain with us. There are no exceptions to this rule. In most cases, your information will be deleted when it is no longer needed, which applies when your comment/question has been addressed, or when you have canceled a subscription to our newsletter.

In the event that we need to hold onto your information, such as for repeated correspondence or for a newsletter subscription, then we will either keep it safe and secure on our servers, or on third-party servers that only the owners and operators of Real Money Blackjack have access to.

This also applies to the information that we gather though analytics software. This will be viewed by a small number of people and it will be used to enhance and improve Real Money Blackjack. It will never be shown to anyone else and it will never be exploited for any purpose other than to build a statistical database on who is using this website and what they are using it for.


The Real Money Blackjack website does use cookies. We believe that these improve user experience, which is our main goal. If you do not believe this is the case, we would appreciate your feedback.

Third Party Websites

Real Money Blackjack is an affiliate website, which means that it generates an income via third-party affiliate links. These websites are not associated with Trusted Casino or with its owners and the terms listed here do not apply to any of the websites that Real Money Blackjack links to. All readers are advised to find the privacy polices of the websites that they visit.

Real Money Blackjack can not be held responsible for anything that happens to a user once they leave this website for one of the aforementioned affiliate websites.

Consent and Changes

By using the Real Money Blackjack website, you are giving us your consent for these terms. If, for some reason, you do not agree with one or all of these terms, then please get in touch with us and let us know. We will always try to do what we can to make sure this site provides our readers with what they need in a way that they feel is safe and secure. If you are strongly against any of the terms listed here, then you may simply close the Real Money Blackjack website down. In such cases, we would still appreciate some feedback, letting us know what your issue was.

At Real Money Blackjack we reserve the right to make changes to these terms if and when we deem it necessary to do so. We are by no means obligated to inform our readers in advance of such changes, simply because it may be very difficult for us to do that. However, if those changes are big enough and if they have a sizeable impact on the readers of his site, then we may endeavour to make such as announcement.

In either case, if you continue to use the Real Money Blackjack website once changes to these terms have been made, then you are giving us your consent for those changes.

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