eCOGRA: eCOGRA is a UK-based testing agency for gambling related websites and practices. The organization oversees all international gambling websites providing real money gaming services to Canada and is a necessary requirement for operators obtaining licenses. Without a stamp of approval from eCOGRA casino sites are considered unregulated and therefore not operating under correct Canadian provision. All regulated and legit casino sites in the 21st century submit their online operations and oversight to this organization for approval and all disputes over fraudulent behavior are dealt with at this organization.


IAGR: The international association of gaming regulators (IAGR) is an organization consisting of gaming regulation representatives from across the globe who discuss sound policy and regulation concerning gambling. Nowadays IAGR is largely tied up with political discussions in the online gaming industry for operators gaining licenses since discussions over legalizing gambling online have been on the rise. IAGR lists all the guidelines and facts over legality and legitimacy of online casino sites across the globe, including Canada, and provides detailed reports on recent legislation. Canadian players can also follow this site to keep on tabs with industry development and recent news stemming from the casino world both online and offline.


CBC Article: This CBC article discusses the grey areas of online gambling in Canada and whether the age old question of whether online gambling in Canada is true. Starting from the history of online gaming in Canada through its developments under Canadian legislation and law, this article points out a clear timeline of events and developments leading to the state of modern-day online casino play where it is now. The article largely emphasizes that while online operators are forbidden to establish in Canada, offshore operators are able to provide services just like any other type of global business. According to the article, Canadians are left to their own discretion as to whether they want to take risks with offshore gambling and that earnings will not be considered income.


Problem Gambling: This is the number one resource for Canadians struggling with gambling problems. Problem gambling offers free resources and advice for people who have compulsive or uncontrollable urges to gamble. If you are a Canadian struggling with gambling, you are encouraged to call. All interactions with this platform are confidential and service operators are typically available Monday-Friday 8am-5pm but there are also some 24/7 operators in case of emergencies.


Canadian Gaming Association: If you want to stay on tab of all the updated local Canadian laws and news both provincially and country wide this is the hub for you. But more importantly this is an advocacy group for gambling in Canada. Although it may seem biased toward keeping gambling legal, this site does provide solid facts and information pertaining to employment statistics, economic benefits and other factors concerning the casino world. In a sense this organization acts as a lobby for keeping gambling awareness but it is more about providing information than directing influencing government discussions over gambling. This organization is also most widely known for stating that gambling in Canada provides an economic circle of over 250,000 jobs and roughly $14 billion in economic impact due to the entertainment’s connection with restaurants and bars, hotels and services.


University of Calgary Report: The University of Calgary did a report on the effects of gambling in Canada and found that electronic gaming machines and track race betting are most directly concerned with problem gambling. The percentage of problem gamblers in Canada is on par with the amount of people who struggle with alcohol abuse, according to the report, adding that approximately 75% of Canadians who are of legal age partake in some sort of gambling activity on a yearly basis.


Entropay Canada: To fund your real money blackjack experience, players need to be equipped with compatible payment methods. One of the most popular and recommended ways to protect both your credit and your name is to fund an Entropay card. The hyperlink above takes you to the site’s Home Page where you can sign up, get funded and begin playing blackjack at your choice of casino.


PayPal Canada: PayPal is also another method that can be used for signing up at online casino sites and is a popular method for Canadians. In recent years the rules PayPal has set using its services at gambling hubs have changed and continues to fluctuate based on company policy. We recommend checking out their website or contacting customer service should you have any questions.


YouTube Video: This YouTube video is a bit annoying to watch but it captures what it is like to play blackjack with a live dealer. Although you can choose to play against software or against a live dealer, many blackjack players prefer replicating what they see in an every-day casino setting. Here in this video a woman’s earnings go up several thousand and also down in the same proportion due to her strategy (or lack thereof). We should note this was a live event and that typically you are playing in front of no one else except the dealer.

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